Who should play Elsa in a live action remake of Frozen?

Who should play Elsa in a live action remake of Frozen?

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I guess you think it should be the girl you just posted?

Imagine if that was your Grandma in the future and you found the picture haha

she'll burn in hell

Tip tier kek/lulz

hot tbqh

Whores have existed forever. Everybody has a whore ancestor.

Hell is not real

Based Belle of course

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is she ok? why is she making that face?


what's with the "cross eyed tongue out" pose?

hell exists
you're living in it


Glad she's finally cutting out most of the "imma anime girl lol" crap now. Shit would be a turnoff if she wasn't hot.

Im sorry youre gay


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Elsa Hosk

Guys whose only sexual experience is reading hentai think it's sexy
Sluts who prey on lonely guys for money finally figured this out

>making the retard face
6,5/10, wouldn't fuck

Liara earns $500k a year servicing mostly weebs.

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For those rates she better let people fuck her in the ass and piss in her mouth.

anyone have that post from the guy that paid her $5000 and didn't even get to fuck her? then she said "sorry m8, i never said i'd fuck you. i said we'd go on a date and if it led to sex then so be it."

With you on the face. The rest makes you sound like some boring tradfag.

Women were crazy 10,000 years ago they're crazy now. Put her in a summer dress in hwheat fields and I promise you she's still got the same 10 Chads in her phone you deluded fucks.

Am I supposed to hate women for doing this? Am I supposed to hate the endless army of simps that enable her to do this? Should I just play it safe and hate them all?

Shut the fuck up you mental midget

Reminder she has herpes
OP's pic is a terrible pose. The Wall approacheth

You are supposed to have sex incel

What if our date involved a gun, gaffer tape and strong bindings?

Ho-ly shit. You can spend a pretty productive hour with hotter girls for a fraction of that in New Zealand.


>livestock nose ring

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That shit with her eyes is the opposite of attractive

This bitch hitting the wall tummy first xD LEL

What a dumb cunt. That’s a good what to get raped.

delete this


top fucking kek

I remember reading that AIKA charges 10,000 dollars and thinking WTF. Who can spend that much?

that and nipple piercings are so hot

it's like the girl admits she's a shameless sow

Yes. You should hate them all.

You sound like a degenerate who should kill himself.

The trad guys are completely right

A coomer thread that pretends to be about a live action Frozen remake thread.....

Does their blow up doll cook them dinner when they return home from enacting a recreation of the battle of Ghettysburg you larping fuck?

Is Belle still the Queen of Yas Forums?

teach us about legal prostitution in new zealand lad.

What is that user larping as

The trad guys are completely right about avoiding sluts and wanting feminine girls.

mobsters, millionaires, oil sheiks the list goes on