Is she right Yas Forums?

Is she right Yas Forums?

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All women go to Hell.

She never read them which means they don't exist.

I mean even if that was true. The original movies just stole stuff from other franchises, and it's not like they couldn't steal from the Marvel movies as well.

"Except the Thrawn books, the NJA novels, but fuck that shit amirite lads haha"


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Didn't she just get caught trying to announce a girls-only star Wars show which hadn't actually been greenlit by Disney?

Yes, and Disney was pretty pissed about it. At this rate the only thing saving Kathleen from a sacking is her vagina. Disney knows it'd be infinite bad press to remove her.

>Is she right Yas Forums?
In this one particular case? Yes. Star Wars can take inspiration and some beats from stories like what George did with The Hidden Fortress for ANH, but they do not full on adapt other stories. That's not what they do. Every Star Wars story is it's own thing and the people who make them should always be pushed to make a new story, which is pretty much what they've done. The fact that the ST sucked ass is unfortunate, but the fact that they didn't adapt anything and did something else was always the right choice.

Her contract is ticking away and probably won't be renewed. The COVID shutdown and the end of the sequel trilogy present the perfect opportunity to remove her. Vagina won't save her this time.

No, she’s a fucking retard. Back when Lucas gave her the reigns she alluded to finding talent from television.

She acts like she can’t just poach a director from television and then make them write the movie and it’ll be the same quality. It’s fucking retarded. She saw Rian Johnson do the biggest episode of Breaking Bad and then just decided he could do a Star Wars film.

The EU was shit. Even Lucas said as much.

That said, rehashing the OT was a more creatively bankrupt decision and it killed a lot of interest in the franchise.

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Reminder, Mohammed the Prophet predicted in his infinite wisdom that the huge majority of Hell was populated by women who betrayed their race, nation, and religion.

I don't see the fucking lie. Women are worthless and here is just further evidence.

>The EU was shit. Even Lucas said as much.
But there are actually pieces of the old EU that Lucas had a hand on, sometimes with a lot of influence.
For example, he is the reason why Delta Squad have different voices and looks as a way to individualize them, also shadows of the empire was pretty close to movie canon as a gap between ESB and ROTJ.
Despite his neutral position to the EU , at best, he actually has more regard for it than Disney.

>even Lucas said
Because he is seething some of those people outdid him
>rehashing the OT
Let's face it, in many, many ways TPM is a rehash of ANH. That's why TFA is so shit it's a rehash of something that has already been rehashed once.

>Didn't she just get caught trying to announce a girls-only star Wars show which hadn't actually been greenlit by Disney?
In retribution, Disney put out an article talking about how the theme parks were supposed to be set in the OT, but at the last minute before physical construction began KK swept in and demanded that they be set in the reylo era instead because "the only fans of the OT are 50 year olds".

The old EU was garbage and made by 95% of people who don't understand Star Wars, or even good story telling

Sure some of it was garbage but the good thing about it was that the garbage usually didn't influence the good things

I want to hold her down and carve WHORE into her forehead with a buck knife.

>The EU was shit

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She's wrong. There are book and comic books. Don't reply to me again. I won't be reading any more of your garbage.

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Why couldn't they have Rey turn to the dark side and have Kylo turn to the light

lmao that image. I don't like to mock the disabled(except Trump) but this is like trying to teach a fish to fight on land. the black belt makes it twice as funny.

>"there's no comics and books"
>there are comics and books, and the sequels have been cribbing ideas from them since day one
>disney even went as far as reintroducing characters like thrawn from the eu

Imagine unironically hiring a politically driven hack to burn down and destroy your $4 billion crown jewel.

why does her face skin look like a burn victim

What she meant to say is that there is no good source material or comics.

because that would be "sexist". also if Disney was Lucas and Luke was a woman she would of kicked the shit out of Vader in A New Hope

>black belt

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>there's no source material
>we don't have comic books
>we don't have 800-page novels
At this point how can I even hate this woman? She's so ridiculous she does a 360 and becomes based.

>Alienating an entire generation of young boys who could have been your second wave of devoted fanboy paypigs because you wanted to appeal to the flimsy sensibilites of girls too and try to force them to like sci fi action
>Focusing so hard on the SJWism that you deliver a terrible finished product on screen

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All of the Old Republic series is good.

>(except Trump)

four more years of tears