How's Kiki's Delivery Service, People said to watch Spirited Away but I din't care for it apart from the visuals

How's Kiki's Delivery Service, People said to watch Spirited Away but I din't care for it apart from the visuals

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The story sucks in all of these.

Imagine if she landed on your face.

Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke are better

Is tiktok just narcissist thots bugging out their eyes and pulling faces?


Films men will never understand

>not showing panties
Cosplay is not true to the source material


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It's good practice for Jodelle to keep up her acting where she can

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It's tiktok where all the hot convention girls go now? I don't go to cons anymore but I imagine they get their dopamine fill online these days

>reddish coloured hands


>yeah i have this on my harddrive, so what?

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Actually I have my Jodelle Folder on a flash drive so I can carry it around with me

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any titstoks?

Tiktok thots deserve even less respect than full on sex workers because they all seem to have this misconception that somehow they're legitimate 'actors.' Putting on a pink wig and a Sailor Moon outfit and recording yourself mouthing the words to a Rihanna song or a clip from a Disney flick for 10 seconds while making exaggerated bug-eyed expressions isn't acting. Can't wait for their bubble to burst and be left with a resume of quoting anime and asking lonely guys for money.

Same shit. Miyazaki is a hack who tries way too hard forcing a feeling of whimsy and it pisses me off every time I see his crap.

I prefer Takahata but I did enjoy Laputa, and Nausicaa

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Why not Zoidberg?

That's because Spirited Away is primarily visual and the story is minimal. Kiki's is good but also fairly simple. I recommend Nausicaa, Laputa, Mononoke, and Porco Rosso.

Laputa is my favorite

Kiki's Kino Service was my favorite as a kid.

Now's its my second favorite with Nausicaa of the Valley of the Kino standing at the top. In third is Howl's Moving Kino and then Laputa, Kino in the sky.

Spirited Away was okay, it didn't grab me like other people seem to imply.

my guy

Is this a MEW movie?

Based PUTAposter

You're insane.

True patrician Ghibli films are:
1. Pom Poko
2. Porco Rosso
3. Grave of Fireflies but only if you understand it's not about the war

Any love for Pom Poko, I'd say it's Ghibli's most underrated film

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I personally preferred it to Spirited Away. Kiki's growth as a character was better than that of the other girl and overall I found the whole movie to be more charming and wholesome.

Shut up, baby, I know it!

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Very cute and uplifting, definitely aimed at children but a comfy movie to watch nonetheless