Is Paz de la Huerta attractive? I can't make up my mind

Is Paz de la Huerta attractive? I can't make up my mind.

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Everything below the neck is great

she's fucking louis theroux

>De la Huerta was born with a recurring cystic hygroma located between her armpit and her rib cage on her right side. After she was born, doctors performed surgery to remove the growth. However, it returned when she was 3 years old and she had to have another surgery.
>Every few years, de la Huerta has to have the cystic hygroma removed.

She was once. Not pretty but great body and a very sexual persona.

What is that in a non-monkey language?

>My name is Paz....PAZ....yes :)

Who was in the wrong here

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She looks like storebrand Juliette Lewis.

More like a spic-brand Juliette Lewis

She looks like Spanish nobility.


Looks like a fucking tranny.

paz' transformation is like an advert for conservative values imagine going from this...

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Man, what the FUCK

Her presences ruines everything in a 10 mile radius

>Not pretty but great body and a very sexual persona.
This. The face is strange but she is very sexy.
Watch the Nurse movie.

looks better white

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It's not even funny the ppl making fun of her ITT.
She's not doing so great atm. She's going bonkers


that was clear for 10 years already, didnt she already hit rock bottom?

Ruined her nose, and lips.

wew that’s based on both of their ends. imagine what that looks like.

2020 seems to be that bottom. As the graph indicated.
It's just that years before there was a chance at a come-back, it looks like now she's reached the point of no return.

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This movie was boring as fuck, this was the only good scene

Actually that was 2019.
2020 is a mystery, she's disappeared

She was pretty hot in that nurse movie.

She had a great body and like another user said, a very sexual persona. She looks like she would fuck you without a word spoken between you.

Attractive and highly fuckable but not exactly beautiful, basically the Isabella Rossellini of her generation

I liked when she took off her tampon and threw it at a personal assistant filming boardwalk empire