Cast her

Cast her.

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dios mio

Katelyn Nacon

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Is that Adam Driver with tits?


do you want it to be?

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Adam Driver is a hideous mutant

Genevieve is a similar looking mutt.

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If so, I think I'm into Adam Driver with tits.


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no, no I don't think I will

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who are those lesbians?

RIP Enid

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it's pretty funny how they managed to fuck up face scanning this bad. that model looks nothing like the ingame model
model looks normal but ingame model has bigass potato nose, retarded MR Wazoowski suction cup lips and deformed head

she died as she lived
impaled on a spike

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they made the game model more diverse

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I stopped watching when Coral died

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i hate women

Over a year and you ricecells still post that picture. It's not her boyfriend

Aly Michalka going by the game model.

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Oh shit it's Peyton

Happens a lot, like when ME2 turned Yvonne into a wide jawed mess. I feel like Death Stranding is one of the only games to scan people right.

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She kinda looks like Rebecca Ferguson though she's too old now.

I love Jordan!

how 2 get a jordan gf?

be the son of a chinese oligarch

Jordan obviously


Maya Hawke

Holy fuck FINALLY people put 2 and 2 together. Yas Forums doesn't know who Enid is.

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La creatura montevideo

Yas Forumsump

Yuck, no one wants that creepy uncanny valley bitch