How would Tolkien handle this scene?

How would Tolkien handle this scene?

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>Narnia is pure and wholesome
>have a child interact with a demon rapist analog

holy shit that's McAvoy

I know he wouldn't have looked at Aslans tax policy.

There was that one time Tolkien criticized Lewis because satyrs are lust rape machines and Tumnus didn't try to fuck Lucy. Pretty sure that was Tolkien's "tax policy" moment.

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tolkien thought lewis’s books were shite because he hated allegory.

For me it’s when Aslan fucks up Aravis as punishment for leaving her slave to be whipped.

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He'd use a creature that wasn't known for raping

What was Tolkien's opinion on his friend molesting his son?

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Maybe he would prefer to use the creature known for rape achieving his purpose


Aslan isn’t an allegory he literally is Jesus

It's not because he hated allegory, it's because the creatures he used had established myths and canons that weren't followed properly because Lewis was a lorelet. If he wanted to make up new lore he could have just invented his own new creatures instead of taking other ones and repurposing them.


Literally nobody in any of tolkein's works ever their sexual activity described and sex was only implied through the fact that every mortal being was born and an expectation that the reader knew where babies came from.

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Melian and Thingol
Beren and Luthien
Arwen and Aragorn
Faramir and Eowyn
Golberry and Tom Bombadil
Fangorn and Fements
Theoden and Merry

so child diddling is actually how catholic priests reproduce?

More like Tolkien's "based" moment

What I mean is, none of those characters have sex scenes.

Holy shit, it's professor X

Would that improve the work?

so mr. tumnus puts peak cunny into magically induced sleep and we’re expected to believe he didn’t fuck her?

>How would Tolkien handle this scene?

He would gloss over the rape and write up the fake language the resulting half-satyr race speaks. Then he'd write 1000 years of their history.

that would have been a good thing

>He would gloss over the rape
Kinda like his son's?

Man, that's low.

No, I think you're misunderstanding what i'm saying

But if molested boys had a language, what would it be like? Would it have the grammatical structure of medieval Hungarian?

Maybe you need to type in caps

Probably some kind of Greek.

He hated how blatant all the Christianity was as well as the hodge-podge of mythology Lewis just threw in willy nilly. Lewis tried to fucking justify Santa Claus existing in the same world as Greek creatures because they exist in our cultural consciousness perfectly fine today but Tolkien shot that shit down justifiably so.

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