WWII doc about literally anything german

>WWII doc about literally anything german
>”HITLER’S ________”

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>Germany could have won if...

No, no they couldn't. Not WW1 and definitely not WW2

>comfy ww2 thread
>schizophrenic jew posts his folder about tranny Nazis

What's the problem, incel? Hitler was the central person of WW2, you know that, right? Or do you not like how "the left" portrays your pathetic father figure?

>charcters thinks of a funny picture to post
>can't find it on hard drive
>googles it
>saves and deletes watermarks so he won't be laughed at
>edites filename so it won't look like it's from ifunny or knowyourmeme
>posts it

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give it a break man

kinos about the bad guys predicting the apocalyptic future?

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imagine being so beta that you're afraid of being laughed at on an anonymous shitposting image board

>Not WW1
WWI could have ended in their favor or at least been a stalemate if Woodrow Wilson had just minded his own fucking business. You're right about WWII though, no chance.

Guess what this one’s about.

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You clearly know nothing about WW1 if you think America won it for the Allies. It was basically all British blockading and French battlefield prowess, American presence was negligible.


It's this one?

>Hitler's Addiction: Evil Has A Vice
>Hitler's Army: The Forces of Evil
>Hitler and the SS: Henchmen of Evil
>Hitler Youth: Evil Knows No Age
>Hitler and the Magic Beanstalk: Evil Takes Root

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>Hitler's Last Dance: Argentina Boogaloo

America didn't "win it for the allies" as in winning the whole war alone or anything, but American money and supplies tipped the balance in 1917, the war was largely a stalemate at the time and in some ways was starting to favor the Central Powers, with the Russian Empire falling to pieces and Germany potentially being able to redirect all its forces in the East back to the West. American shipping favoring the Entente was already putting the Germans in a bad position which is why they made the decision to launch unrestricted submarine warfare against American shipping to begin with.

Here's a British source written in 1920 breaking it down, literally says "The entry of the United States saved the day." on page 187. But it's in a purely financial context. American bankers were the ones who made the difference, not American soldiers.



Kind of why the German stab-in-the-back myth centering on financiers/wealthy jews got so much traction. It wasn't really inaccurate.

imagine being this autistic

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I thought so too, but recently studying the subject in an actual academic context has hammered home the important role America played in not having it all fall apart at the last second.

>Modern day WW2 documentaries
>They use Trump as a modern equivalent to Hitler
And yes it did happen on WW2 in color on Netflix

>Adolf Hitler Day Off

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*Hitler's, fuck me right?

They could if they didn't attack the Soviets. WWII should have been the west vs communism if it weren't for that autistic moustache man.

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>Kind of why the German stab-in-the-back myth centering on financiers/wealthy jews got so much traction. It wasn't really inaccurate.

this. losing the war whilst their forces were still on the front also did not help. it was just a recepie for round 2.

>watch documentary
>brit narrates it
Worse when it’s something the brits weren’t involved with.

Wouldn't have made that much of a difference, they were already at war with Britain and they had no way to force the British to surrender anymore (they tried to gain air/naval superiority and failed at both), so a united west vs USSR front wasn't happening. Hitler could either
>Withdraw from Poland/France/the Netherlands/Denmark/etc. and call for a truce with Britain
>Continue the air/naval war with Britain and wait for the USSR to attack him
>Attack the USSR
There's not really a way to "win" WWII for Germany by the time Hitler decided to launch Barbarossa. They were fucked after the Battle of Britain.

>Autistic German man with a silly moustache loves the white race and hates and fears the asiatic 'yellow menace' in the east
>decimates Europe instead, giving the future to Asia
>Autistic German man with a silly moustache loves the white race and hates and fears the 'judeo-bolshevik' in the east
>decimates Europe instead, giving half the planet to a slavic communist superstate on a platter

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Clearly the problem is moustaches, no wonder they went out of style

are there really still people who think WW1 was Germanys fault?

Hitler's Autism

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>Hitler's Nazi Superweapon
>it was some shit scribbled on a napkin