Why did people act like setting a VCR up to record was hard...

Why did people act like setting a VCR up to record was hard? I figured it out as a kid so I could tape the Friday episodes of Super Mario Super Show (those were the ones with the shitty Zelda cartoon) and I was like five at the time.

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They didn't. The joke was usually that old people and women couldn't figure out something so simple.

Get a load of this prodigy.

No, they definitely did. The joke was old people couldn't set the timer, not setting it to record. That was seen as too difficult for mortal men, but it really wasn't.

Turns out most of the population is low iq
There are people who can't even tune in a TV and thats automatic now
How they even remember to breathe is a mystery to me

In the 80s and 90s, it was pretty impressive if you could use a VCR or a computer.

got any examples? or are you just talking shit?

For me it was VCR+ code from my TVguide

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because boomers are dumb as fuck and literally don't even look once at the instructions before declaring something to be some kind of fucking arcane magic for not being able to be instantly intuited

Rca cables had to become color coded because most people couldn't figure out which line they were running. The average consumer is retarded.

not that guy, but i remember there was a line in family guy where peter said something about somebody being able "to program the clock on the vcr without spilling piping hot gravy all over myself"

>The average consumer is retarded
i work in tech support and holy shit yes, trying to explain the concept of input channels on a tv to these fucking people is maddening

Even today some people act like Knowing how to use a computer is sorcery.

>Why did people act like setting a VCR up to record was hard?
Why do zoomers act like pirating a movie is hard?

>It’s amazing how times have changed. A couple of decades ago, that was the joke. For those of you reading this who are too young to know or remember, a VCR, or Video Cassette Recorder, was what we had to use back then to record our favorite TV Show if we couldn’t watch it live. This was before TIVO, Youtube or Netflix. Viewers had to look up the schedule in a weekly publication of when their favorite shows were playing, and program the VCR to record the live TV show, so they could watch at a later time.
>The process typically required clicking a few buttons to update the date and time setting reflected on a small LCD screen on the front of the VCR. It wasn’t too different from updating the time on a digital wrist watch. The thing is, most people didn’t know how to do it. It was considered very complex at the time. People would say “I can’t program my VCR” to imply they didn’t know much about technology, or some would make that statement to imply someone was not technical at all.

i hate these people, they're the ones that just declare themselves to be "not very techy XD" or some such shit, but don't view it as something they can remedy by continuing to learn about it, that's just what they've decided their personality is going to be until they fucking die

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kek, that's me. I just don't feel like it faggot. I can do a lot of stuff, but I've got no interest in tech whatsoever. So other people do it for me. And then I do other stuff to reciprocate. Take your stupid smartphones and social media and cram them up your ass, if you've got any room left there.

lol no, it's not you, the fact that you're even here means you know more about technology than 99% of the people i'm referring to

No worries then.

Early VCRs are impossibly hard to adjust and set. There were a bunch of little dials to analog-adjust vertical, horizontal, and diagonal as well as set up for a timer.

Don't forget that early ones are not digital.

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Them not knowing how shit works is the only reason you have a job you grunt

No, they became colour-coded so the manufacturers could bundle the lines together

This. Once they had a remote and a setup screen you could display on the tv it was ezpz. Most of Yas Forums only remembers late 90s early 2000s vcrs.

My favorite is when my boomer parents watch me cast a show from my phone to the television. How did you do that hackerman? Well, you see here where it says, "cast to device" I hit that and caste the movie to my selected device using the network. It's all very basic jargon but to them I just went to the fucking moon and back.

Fucking this, try setting anything on a fucking one-line monochrome display.

That depended on your channels being properly set up on your vcr, not only your tv. At that point most people failed. They didn't set up the vcr, the just connectetd it to the tv with a scart cable, set the tv to AV and watched a movie. That was 90% of the populations interaction with VCRs.

Kids are worse, they know how to cast but just watch it on their phone anyway

lol wrong, my job is to actually fix their services when they're fucking up, their shit-eating incompetence is just a fun bonus

Boomers lived in a time where new major technologies came about once every several decade. Their brains aren't attuned to adapt to new technologies at the rate they come out now.
That and the average person is very low IQ

My dad used to complain about how my grandfather couldn't figure out his VCR and how he had to go over to fix the clock and how he would never listen to how it worked.
Now he complains how he can't figure out his cable box and DVR and never listens to me about how it works.

don't believe their lies that being "tech-savvy" is a real skill, it's literally just the ability to follow basic instructions

I never trusted that shit and always did it manually. I liked having some extra time at the start and end .

Symptoms of the same thing. Figuring out a setup menu on a 12 character monochrome lcd diplay and setting up channels proper on a VCR+ capable device both requires more then 5 minutes of effort. People were to lazy to do it and claimed it was too difficult.
If people can't get a device to work after 5 minutes, most of them will quit and not bother anymore. If it is sort of working they'll declare it to be good enough and leave it like that.

Same thing with my dad, he complainded about my grandad not using his answering machine and now i can get him to send pictures via signal. He sends me shitty compressed mms instead.
We will also end up that way.

And maintain basic problem solving skills. I remember cringing at school when a teacher couldn't figure out how to set up some computer thing and she made me out into a genius tech expert. I'm not smart bitch, you're just dumb