Who could beat him in a sword fight?

who could beat him in a sword fight?

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is that Alexios?




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you rang?

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achilles is wearing a breastplate so his main move of slashing the belly/chest while his opponent raises his sword over his head won't work


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Jon Snow
Jaime Lannister (two hands)
Brienne of Tarth
Arya Stark
Arthur Dayne
My autism is based in this millennium.

Ironically not unlike today's incels, except going to the gym is no longer something only jocks do.

I wonder if he's actually ever swung that around for more than 5 minutes.

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Lol no. He's barely top 5 in his own series

But she is just a human. Achilles was a demigod.

She kills actual gods

what of good Solonius?

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its funny that in this movie he is so overpowered and special for having god blood, but the book is crazy as fuck and he is only overage considering dudes like ares and Apollo.

Yeah with special weapons and shit. But she won't be able to prepare to fight with Achilles. He will be in her door screaming XENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and she won't have time to prepare anything.

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Most if not all werewolves

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She could always beat them. Achielles doesn't have immortality so he is fodder to xena

Didn't it turn out that Xena was actually a god (or part god, or something?) The Herc/Xena lore got pretty wacky. I think she ended up being Ares' daughter or something.

Gannicus never loses a single fight.

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man the people here have no idea who Achilles is.
You can tell by their answers that they hav no fucking clue.

Achilles could beat them all easily

i could

According to GRRM: Jaime Lannister.