Name one (1) sex scene that is essential to a movie/show

>name one (1) sex scene that is essential to a movie/show

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Ur mum and mines porno

If they don't fuck, John Connor is never born.
It's also short.

Presents a question about fictitious events from an entirely fictitious character

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boys dont cry

Why is it essential that we see them fuck?
It could just start with them making out, and then slow fade to black


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You have to watch people fuck to know how to do it you nimrod. In the olden days whole families would live in one room and they'd learn from watching their parents and siblings. When we moved past that people didn't know how to do it anymore. That's why some of the first movies were pornographic.

To establish a passionate relationship has built between the two.
Plus it's short. It's like thirty second and doesn't outstay its welcome.

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But we have dedicated movies for that, they're called pornography.
Sex in regular movies adds absolutely nothing except boredom, no one is getting off of those scenes, they are fake as fuck. And they add absolutely nothing to the plot, it's just lazy and one of the many reasons why Game of Throne is a pile of shit.

nothing is essential in movies

You're wrong but I'm not going to discuss it.

I wouldn't suggest learning how to have sex from watching pornography. It doesn't end well.

it all depends on what the director wants to convey. Not everything that happens has to be shown on screen

lost children adaption when?

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I was thinking about it a lot. If I were to write a movie or even a play, how would I go about including a sex scene in it? And then I realise I wouldn't because they're not essential and would make me feel awkward.

It's basically a way for a scenarist to state that he's a grown up making grown up movies. It's the signature of a mediocre scenarist who is barely good enough for teens movie, but believes he can into Kino.

All of them. I'm glad they make you charismalets uncomfortable.

American Pie. It’s all about them having sex, so sex can be seen as the literal climax hehe

Why did they make it look like casca wanted it in this adaptation?

Good Luck Chuck


Neon Genesis Evangelion, the scene when that purple haired slag fucks that guy who has secrets about nerv or some shit

the scene in boardwalk empire where bugsy siegel runs up on gyp rosetti and his crew while he's choking himself with a belt while banging a whore.

completely degenerate, but necessary for the shooting to have had any chance of getting pulled off correctly.

sex is disgusting. sex scenes should only be in film to illustrate this

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the sex scene in Anal sluts III was pretty essential if you ask me

Deep Throat

if buffy didn't fuck angel his soul wouldn't have vanished

btw, does this mean angel went like 100 years without shagging or is it a true loves kiss type deal?

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Lynch tends to use sex scenes well in general. Honorable mention is the scene in Lost Highway where Bill Pullman disappoints his wife and then her face changes into the Mystery Man, but Blue Velvet literally revolves around its sex scenes and wouldn't work without them

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yeah there's a teen girl in australia that will have to live the rest of her life with a colostomy bag because she thought interracial anal gangbangs are how you have sex.

The Matrix Reloaded orgy rave was necessary.
Especially seeing Trinity and Neo sneak off to spend time alone asap.
It's not just the message Mopheus delivers that is true about the current state of affairs in Zion.
So it is time to shake this cave and raise the numbers if we can break through this, while throughout all that energy being released, it is shown that Neo still can't sleep, he's anxious about what's to come.
That was actually essential

the rape scene. She dies during the intercourse. Can't cut it.

wrong. it'd make perfect sense for any straight guy walk into a gay bar and start murding people with a fire exinguisher.

all of them in Kids

t. larry clark. they could at the very least been trimmed way down.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

yeah trimmed down a lot but they needed to be shown, unfortunately.

Brokeback mountain
Pretty woman
Top gun

unironically this one