Let's discuss our all time favorite Arthouse kino: Ginger Snaps one more time. The ride never ends, bros

Let's discuss our all time favorite Arthouse kino: Ginger Snaps one more time. The ride never ends, bros

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I hope you get coronovirus'd.

Stupid motherfucker kill yourself schizo


I saw this again yesterday.

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Claiming this thread in the name of Becky

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All Heil Becky
SN Brigitte

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Holy based

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hair kino of the highest order

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Great film honestly
Yas Forums really surprised me with this one

she doesn't even have to try

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you're welcome, brother

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They say looking at this collage can cure any disease. Is that true?

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based epilepsy poster


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greetings :D

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>any disease

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>Ginger no! Stop!

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nooooo you were supposed to stop posting its not fair my twitter bait threads

GS1 hair vs GSU hair?

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There's only one correct answer here. Both are equally kino

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1 all the way bruzzy cuzzy

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