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>The OT was shit.
Not an excuse for the sequels being shit.

who was EVIL-Luke?

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i'm starting to think mark hamill doesn't understand luke any more than disney at this point

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So who is Luke Skywalker, then? Hamill says he’s a daring pacifist, Johnson says he’s a deeply self-critical sage, so who is this guy? Honestly I think Rian got a better idea of the character, even if he sacrificed a chance at an ultimate Luke Skywalker comeback movie

he's a hero. he fights for his friends and family. he's not a pacifist but he's not a fucking murderer either. he sees the good in even the worst of people

The Wampa wasn't evil but the Rancor that Luke killed was? Poor Malakili was devasted when the Rancor died. Make up your mind Hamill.

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Didn't Luke used to bullseye womprats in his T-16? Were they all evil nazi-pedo-womprats?

Rancor was specially trained to eat Jabba's victims

>So who is Luke Skywalker, then?

someone only we on Yas Forums understand user

Not the Rancor's fault, he's just a hungry beast that eats whatever is offered to him. Luke should have scared it away.

>luke would never defend himself in a life or death situation
Why? He murders that fucking Rancor.

>So who is Luke Skywalker, then?
He was a dreamy idealistic kid. He was a brash adventurer running into danger to save his friends. He was a daring champion of Good. He was an ace pilot. He was the hero that stepped up when the Galaxy needed one. He was a redeemer, a defender, a teacher, a faithful friend and ally.
And a good friend.

does he even remember blowing up that moon sized spaceship

It was self defense though, still would have been better to put it out of its misery but like fuck one is going to get near that 8 feet tall space Yeti again and not get the fuck out asap

probably pests like foxes or rabbits, went around smashing up mousture vapourators or some such

God damn liberals, how do they manage to live past 20?

Poor guy had a hard life

Rian's version of the character is interesting, yes. The problem is that it only serves his own story.

As soon as you put ST-Luke into the context of the OT-Luke, his characterization makes no goddamn sense.

It makes sense that if Luke lived through some major fuck up, he’d be as jaded as when he was letting Palpatine kill him to death in RotJ

Star Wars legitimately has a pacifist ethos

No it was Luuuke

>he’d be as jaded as when he was letting Palpatine kill him to death in RotJ
the fuck are you talking about

Luke was refusing the Emperor's call to the dark side. He was entirely the opposite of jaded. He was sacrificing himself so that he wouldn't become a weapon of evil like his father was.

He's a dumb hillbilly who grew up in the middle of nowhere and has no idea about anything. That's why he is so powerful because he can let the force guide him without letting his underdeveloped peasant brain take control.

Why didn't Luke just scare them off? ='(

you dont scare pests, you kill them, otherwise they come back, and in greater numbers

more like sandniger

>letting Palpatine kill
Cope harder Rebel. Palpatine had Luke dead to rights.

Just pointing out how retarded the idea of Luke as an animal-pacifist is.

Luke, like his father before him, always had darkness stirring within their midi-chlorian stew. Palpatine knew this, as he sensed it in Anakin.

Thus, the emperor's bloodline lives on, while the Skywalker legacy is dead.

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True, though it more let’s him learn better by not being corrupted by politics and etc. Luke’s way is truly of the actual Jedi, and not just hillbilly thinking

for some reason this tweet was very hard for me to understand at first

Wow some random faggot who did breaking bad vs the original actor ,tuff choice

He was letting himself die for his principles. You’re right jaded isn’t the right word, but choosing to suffer and die instead of doing evil by joining Palpatine is the same as choosing to exile ones self to prevent doing evil

What’s your take on Luke? You seem to be hiding behind the accolades of the writers, rather than actually having an idea of the guy. So what is it? Who is Like to you?

He was a pawn -- a undercard to his father. He only became a Jedi by chance, and seemingly only fleetingly (is the ST is to be taken as canon).

The Skywalker midi-chlorian line was involute to Anakin -- Luke and Leia were watered-down with Padmé kike genes.

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So cutting a Wampa arm off bad, but shooting womp rats daily in a small flying vehicle good?

Did he smoke crack before writing this tweet? Its very disjointed

Luke was literally giving his own life to save his friends and family. Including the life of his own father who moments before tried to kill him.

Luke exiling himself "to prevent evil" is retarded because in doing so he unleashed an evil into the galaxy arguably as bad as Vader. And he chose to abandon everyone instead of own up to his mistake.

How the fuck is this the same character?

I'm convinced it doesn't matter.

The idea is that Luke was completely disillusioned that the classical Jedi way wasn’t what actually started all these conflicts. He went back and studied history and saw that nearly all Sith are fallen Jedi, and the Sith only exist really as a criticism of the Jedi’s flaws. Of course he learns a lot in TLJ, coming to the conclusion you do, that people have an obligation to solve problems regardless of the risk of creating them, but Luke’s concern is pretty solid considering the prequels and the origin of Darth Vader as a Jedi

This is why Luke will never be my favorite. Because of the faggot actor constantly trying to ruin him.

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