Is this an appropriate body for Wonder Woman?

Is this an appropriate body for Wonder Woman?

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Where is the dick?

too thin

No but for an alien.

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Where did they hide her gargantuan futa cock? I've seen the movies

No pussy hair belly hair forearm hair thigh hair armpit hair or leg hair, no thanks.

go look up reconstructions of neanderthals. they have that same skull shape, nose too.
neanderthals weren't dumb. they were short, vicious, big noses, high voices, bigger brains than us.
that is why jews hate all mankind. they have the highest percentage neanderthal genes and their blood tells them everyone else is an enemy species.

That is how my forehead looks too, is it bad?


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are you jewish?

no, but this is

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ever done 23 and me?

Her body was never the issue. It's the fact she can't act and can barely speak English.

>Is this an appropriate body for Wonder Woman?
No, this is

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Where are the muscles?

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no, im a NEET since Ive finished highschool

Elise Hewitt should have been wonder woman

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>Her body was never the issue
thinness is not even the problem but the total lack of ass and tits

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I only discovered I need an ice skater wife in the last couple of days, browsing Yas Forums.

don't care i'd fuck her

why would wonder woman need to have muscles? as if her superhuman strenght can be attained through lifting. shes a goddess. same for thor. having him portrayed by a talentless meathead is stupid. hes a god ffs, no need for him to be buff. same for superman. its just that retards need to SEE. that and of course gays.

I have a longer backside cranium too.
but the nose is just the average human, so Im a mix of them neanderthal and modern human what the fuck.

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Well basically every race besides pure blacks have Neanderthal genes but some have more than others. If you ever saw a dude that looked kind of like a "cave man" he probably had more than average.

Because they're supposed to be ideal forms and convey strength and beauty. Not just have maxed strength atts and nothing to suggest it in their avatar.
Man it's fucking annoying trying to grab images from google images these days. I wanted that Faith cover with Hillary on it.

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They should call athletes and not models for theses roles

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Gina was in Deadpool but the tiny amount of use they got out of her suggests she can't act for shit.

thats just wrong. ancient greeks who knew something about beauty, strength and aesthetics, never made the statues of their gods look like bodybuilders, with groteesquely oversized muscles.

You think this guy is DYEL?

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Anyway you're not following what I said. The claim was superheroes can have twig arms because they're magic, right?
I said they're supposed to be conveying an ideal form to communicate strength and beauty.
Absolute roidmaxxed bodybuilder isn't an ideal form, I never made that claim.