Here's what happened

>Here's what happened...

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>that is my design

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Sharona >>>> Natalie.


I hated Sharona so much, Natalie was much better

Monk never improved with Natalie, she was a bad fit for him. Sharona was more challenging.

nothing to improve on Monk, he is already perfect

wish we had more comfy detectivekino like Monk or Psych. all of the new detective shows from the past couple of years always seem tryhard or have some shitty gimmick

Poirot is good

He's a simp.

Poirot is excellent and Belgian

He just loved his wife man


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>Not watching early Jonathan Creek

looks like boyd crowder after 20 yrs in prison

Who wins, Yas Forums?

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>Monk explains what happened to BTFO Columbo
>Just as he thinks he's won Columbo just has one thing to say:
>Just one more thing...
Columbo wins.

oh no monkbros we've been too cocky

It's a jungle out here

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>mfw snoop dog cover of the main theme starts playing

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>*this old man starts playing*
>monk visibly distressed
>mr monk? just one more thing

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>And another thing
>But you said one more thing, you can't, you can't- One more thing implies ONE thing you can't add another, that'd make two things
Columbo wins

They both get the culprit right

I'm running out of Columbo eps, give me the Monk episode that'll get me hooked or should I just start with episode 1?

The secret Yas Forums server link is discord gg pdP86yf
We will interview Dan Schneider this week.

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You will never be a woman.

start from the first one and fall in love

The three first seasons are the best ones, watch them fully.
What are you the best Columbo episdoes?

Three bodybuilders high on roids kidnapped him for ransom?

Start at episode 1 then quit at the end of S6. After that just watch the finale. 7 was boring and 8 was all about Monk searching for answers.

Ok, here's the thing...

personal top 5
Negative Reaction
Murder By The Book
Death Lends A Hand
Now You See Him...
Blueprint For Murder

>Longmire is good if you've read the books.
>Bosch is the most accurate Detective show to date.
>Justified is the absolute most peak of crime drama in a more modern "western" theme