Hollywood stories you can't actually believe are true

Mine would be that Matthew Broderick killing two people in a car accident while drunk and then getting away with just paying 175$


P.S post links to what your talking about

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So.... Was he getting his dick sucked or not?

maybe, he was with Jenifer grey at the time and they were pretty drunk

>while drunk
any proofs?

Were they Scotch?


>Matthew "I'll Flatten A Mick, Driving Auto Or Stick" Broderick
>Matthew "Speed Bump? Nah, Just Some Chump" Broderick
>Matthew "You'll Go Far, When I Hit You With My Car" Broderick
>Matthew "When I'm Driving In Ireland, The Roads Are A Dire Land" Broderick
>Matthew "Highway To Dublin, My Diesel's A Bubblin'" Broderick
>Matthew "Hit Pedestrians Real Fast, When Drivin' In Belfast" Broderick
>Matthew "Gallagher? I Barely Knew Her" Broderick
>Matthew "Drive On The Right If You Value Your Life" Broderick
>Matthew "Behind The Wheel, Your Life's A Steal" Broderick

oh shit sorry im pretty tired and was looking for interesting stories and thought i saw alcohol on there. Well thats worse

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for the first time in a while i audibly laughed, thanks user. My favorite is

Matthew "Hit Pedestrians Real Fast, When Drivin' In Belfast" Broderick

One implies vehicular murder and one implies an accident. Be careful the shit you spread, user.

jim carry gave his girlfriend stds and denied he did and she killed herself


>Matthew Broderick killing two people in a car accident



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Why didn't they at least charge him for manslaughter?

He's a celebrity

He said he won't do it again

He married Sarah Jessica Parker which was deemed a far worse punishment

bruce jenner caused a fatal car crash too, rear ended someone knocking them into a lane of oncoming traffic. it was stunning and brave.

The victims' son and brother, Martin Doherty, called the verdict "a travesty of justice". He later forgave Broderick, amid plans to meet with him in 2003, to gain a sense of closure.
>In February 2012, when Broderick was featured in a multi-million-dollar Honda commercial aired during the Super Bowl,
bruh broderick must be pure evil

Northern Irish country bumpkins were starstruck by the Hollywood celebrity.
It will never not be a source of embarrassment on this island.

wait he married star of the acclaimed show Mr ed, Sarah Jessica Parker

forgot pic

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I'll say.

Some quite literally

>Marlon Brando eating so much that they had to invent a new type of super stretchy fabric to make his pants out of, which he then tore through
>Marlon Brando asking for his role in Superman to be replaced by a suitcase or a bagel
>Marlon Brando angrily eating 51 eggs
>Marlon Brando committing rape on camera and getting away with it
>Marlon Brando showing up to the set of Apocalypse Now weighing 150 pounds more than he was supposed to
>Marlon Brando shitting so much that he destroyed Christopher Reeve's toilet, then made Reeve apologize to him for it
>Marlon Brando having a dedicated car for eating hotdogs in the middle of the night
>Marlon Brando getting so hungry that he ate half a live frog on set because they wouldn't let him take lunch
>Marlon Brando screaming for food in the middle of the night so loud that Jack Nicholson, his neighbor, lobbed entire bags of hamburgers over the fence, which Brando devoured

22nd post best post

>Marlon Brando eating so much that they had to invent a new type of super stretchy fabric
far out

>>Marlon Brando having a dedicated car for eating hotdogs in the middle of the night

why a car tho?

Something about his wife trying to force him to go on a diet, so he bought a car which he parked down the street so he could sneak out and drive to a hotdog stand to gorge himself without her noticing

A reminder that this was a life changing moment for Broderick. Not only did he have to go through the trauma of killing people but the incident was so life shaping he never drove a vehicle again, hence his want to live in NYC and travel by foot, subway, and taxi. The other new activity he developed was his love of horseback riding which he focused on after this incident to film the Oscar winning movie Glory. It was this new love of horseback riding that helped him move forward past the events in Ireland and into his new relationship and marriage with horse Sarah Jessica Parker.

okay thats somewhat reasonable, i thought he was just buying a car for each food

There was a rumor, or more like a testimony that Bruce Spence (Guro Captain from Mad Max 2, Trainman from Matrix Revolutions, Mouth of Sauron from Return of the King and freaky alien from Revenge of the Sith) was a satanist pedophile but the stories were quickly silenced and memory holed.

did he cum?


>freaky alien from Revenge of the Sith
Which one?


>The basic element of Elvis' daily food intake was a 30-cm long bread roll, stuffed with bacon, peanut butter and strawberry jam. Each one had 42,000 calories, and in his final days, he ate two of them per day, together with little midnight snacks of hamburgers and deep-fried white bread.

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fan-favourite Ol' Lineyface

Still blows my mind that he gets work.

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Damn that sounds delicious

Just realized how much he mogs Kenobi here.

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>42,000 calories
That's just a form of suicide at that point, yeah?

>Each one had 42,000 calories
Holy fucking shit...
You could easily live off of one of those for a MONTH. I don't know if that's impressive or depressing or both.

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>84,000 calories a day
It's got to be a typo right

>In June 1986, Wahlberg and three friends chased after three black children while yelling "Kill the nigger, kill the nigger" and throwing rocks at them.

I think so. A pound of bacon is like 2077 calories.