What would television be like today in a world where Seth MacFarlane didn't miss Flight 11?

What would television be like today in a world where Seth MacFarlane didn't miss Flight 11?

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Goofy looking motherfucker.

He wouldn’t have cucked my waifu
He should have taken that flight

*insanely good looking mottherfucker

It would probably have a much improved quality. The slow decline of the average person into being "lol random" probably would have drastically slowed itself. I hope McFarlane hates his life and wishes he had never made the show and feels trapped by it.
First few seasons were decent before the show got shitty

King of the Hill would have had a few more seasons since they cancelled that for American Dad

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>He wouldn’t have cucked my waifu

He fucked that eyebrow one from GOT

One less mediocre Jew would change almost nothing since he would be replaced by another equally mediocre jew

He cucked Emilia Clarke on a SNL party
If he had fucked her he wouldn’t need to cuck her now would he

They dated for 6 months anony

> > As of September 2012, he was dating Emilia Clarke.[122] The website Gossip Cop also reported that MacFarlane and Clarke were casually seeing each other, but that their relationship was not exclusive.[123] The relationship was neither confirmed nor denied by either of the pair, and in November 2012, MacFarlane mentioned on Twitter that he is a "single guy".[124]

Dillion Harper would probably have a much more successful career

That's the most Irish name I've ever heard

He’s a cunt but not a jew

shallow and pedantic

What do you think people do when they casually see each other? I'm sorry but she's had sex

What about Seth? Irish? Lmao

The logic conclusion is that she has low sex driving leading her bfs to cuck her

Lots of horseguy themed shows



>MacFarlane was born and raised in Kent, Connecticut.[2] His parents, Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry (née Sager), were born in Newburyport, Massachusetts.[6] MacFarlane's younger sister Rachael is also a voice actress. He has roots in New England going back to the 1600s, and is a descendant of Mayflower passenger William Brewster

Seems like a regular Irish/English New Englander.

Dude hates kikes, call it tongue in cheek if you like but he consistantly shits on them more than any other demographic

You sir, are a retard.

the existing seasons of family guy would be considered masterpieces
i thought he was part asian for a while but it turns out he has the gay richard gere eyes


Bojack Horseman would still be running.

No Orville and that is unacceptable. I will accept every other evil he brought in exchange for that one shining thing.


200% less cringe
Seth is a retarded faggot and should take his giant square moose head back to canada.

I don’t think Bojack would exist without family guy

He's not jewish

Exactly the same. Macfarlane's smart - he made a lowest common denominator show to make millions(Family Guy), and now he can do whatever the fuck he feels like.

>multiple famous actors that the Jewish elite can't let go due to shekels just happen to cancel plane last minute