Normal People

jesus, what a qt

anyone watched this? reviews are really positive

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looks like a stupid relationship drama that women would like.

Ending sucked and brought the whole thing down 6/10

>no nigs or shitskins in the cast
what a pleasant surprise

She moves to Sweden and starts fucking a black guy. Not joking.

What's wrong with liking something if women also liked it? Are you an insecure incel?

can someone confirm before I start the download?



Looks shit

blackest black

literally kys

nothing. he's retarded

fuck jews

webm pls


>Normal People
>Two white people on screen
mmhh, looks too good for current year, what's the cat-

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m-maybe it's a rape
that's right just a savage raping, nothing to worry about h-haha

here's your (You), you pathetic jew

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>trying to start a thread about a relationship drama on Yas Forums
>trying to start a thread about any piece of media featuring a black person on Yas Forums

>White woman/White man couple

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My gf read the book and really liked it, how should I feel about this?

google it, people love the show. I'll give it a try

she's being brainwashed

Can someone spoil the story please, I watched all episodes on first day of release but I won't watch another season if they're not going to end up together. Also are these two autistic?

any webms?

They regularly namedrop this undoubtedly terrible book in the Guardian as being "definitive" or "the voice of a generation". It seems to be self-fulfilling hype. Reviews on Amazon suggest it's boring and vague enough so that any millennial woman can project her wistful memories of a failed early relationship onto the protagonists
Hard pass


>subvert expectations
slimy semites

Entire season was released day one.

they don't end up together. it's super anticlimactic. the entire show they are off and on again and clearly meant for each other. last episode he gets accepted to a school in new york that has never been mentioned before. she tells him he must go. they don't even mention trying long distance or anything. it's supposed to be this thing about how they've helped each other grow but that would work if the show was them being together and not getting split up all the time, super anticlimactic.

True which is not surprising seeing that every show needs to fill the minimum (((quota))) these days. But she gets no real satisfaction out of it except being hit and verbally abused (which she wants) and all the while can't stop craving the BIC. When the Irish guy just kisses her on the hand or stomach she shakes with ectasy. It's like they're chemically dependant on each other. Best part was seeing the Manlet beta orbiter get cucked in front of their friends. Too much forced drama though. Solid overall.
Yes it's getting tiring but it's not that bad. She still worships the Irish dude all through that and dumps him because he can't match it with the BIC.

So did it cover the whole book?


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What does shilling like that pay? Are you paid by the hour? By the post?

It's an irish produced, adapation of a book by an irish author apparently


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