Yo Tone, somethin' ain't adding up here

>Yo Tone, somethin' ain't adding up here

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6 gorilion

please tell me that's a real thread

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Do you enjoy seeking everyone else's approval?

I wonder how long it takes until:
A) Some redditor starts noticing the (((math)))
B) The thread gets locked for antisemitism

>I know this comment is buried

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Devils' advocate here, what if you didn't care that you did a good job? What if you just dug a deep ditch with construction implements, dumped bodies in, poured something flamable over them, set it on fire, let the fire burn itself out and then covered the grave? Surely, the numbers of people you could "cremate" would sky rocket.

honestly it seems like it's 25 bodies a day if you do it one at a time and properly, like a human body is supposed to be cremated
if you get bigger ovens and throw jews like garbage bags in the incinerator you can probably burn much more
even then it's not like 6 million jews were cremated, only a part of the number
still doesn't add up

No, you'd have to keep pouring fuel to burn the bodies otherwise it would only burn the surface and leave the rest infact. You might as well just burry them without burning at that point.

>expecting 21st century civilians to have any sense of what realistic industrial output is during total war
You think there's some hard cap at 25 bodies a day? We just don't build the facilities.
A single American factory in WW2 built a new bomber every hour, if you asked some Boeing factory worker to do that now he'd call you nuts.
Mass burning can be scaled up.

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It's afraid

Where the remains of those supposed industrial crematoriums at though?

There's a famous one in Poland you might've heard of...

This trash incinerator in Baltimore can incinerate over 2000 tons of garbage in a day.
Think you couldn't do the same with bodies?

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>trash incinerator
Do Americans really?

Yes it can be scaled up but people don't realize how shit human bodies burn. You'd need insane amounts of fuel or other flammable sources. Especially during the war, said recourses wouldn't be wasted.

It's more popular in swedan desu.

Fun fact, you can't burn bodies in those because they don't produce enough heat.

I assume it's the water content?
Couldn't you leave the bodies out to dry some?

>posting plebbit screenshots
should be a bannable offence tbf

You would have seen how angry somebody got when I question news how wuhan burned shitload of bodies in two week. It was about 3200in day. That is lot of burning.

But is they really had to. They probably could turn power plant as massive owen. Somebody counted he much coal you need per bodies to it burn nicely. Then it would be just running it around cloack.

Why are we discussing the Holocaust on a board meant for tv and film?

>last comment is cut off
>let's see what it said
Uh oh Yas Forumstards...

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>crematoriums that are set up to burn 1 body a week can't handle 500 bodies at once
oh nooooooo muh jew lies

Human body has shitload of water. Also it would be best to use solid fuel like coal or wood. Then it's just math how much coal you need per kg of human. But you need to build ditch such way it get oxygen. Otherwise it will be slow prosses.

Now you're leaving 25 bodies per day to decompose for a few weeks. Not the most sanitary practice.

The one that was built after the war for historical reasons?

>burning emaciated starving jew manlets would take as long as it takes to burn water logged obese amerishart

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We're discussing The Sopranos, you goof.


But can you run owen 24/7? Modern top of line crematoriums can be run 24/7, but I dont know if there is requirement for maintenance. Like check up every 100 bodies.

As for german ovens, running it hot 24/7 would ruin it quite fast.

Where are you guys getting the idea that all the jews were cremated in the holocaust? They used gas chambers, not ovens

Civilian crematories aren't comparable to those used by the Nazis.


Well how exactly would you try to dry them lol? You can't just put them outside because they would just rot away. You need fairly hot temperatures in a big enough space and that alone isn't very reasonable.

Let's say in 2 shifts he could do 50 a day how many days would it take him to get to 6 gorillion?

here comes the kike with the kosher narrative to feed to all the suspicious goyim, oy gevalt we can't allow those filthy cattle to cast any doubts on the greatest tragedy of our time!

>there was exactly one crematorioum that had as little capacity as some town one's

I'm not Jewish.

>You can't just put them outside because they would just rot away.
That's how they dry fish tho.

uh smoke them first im not a chef

It's not like ovens are running with no supervision, there was probably cleaning and maintenance period every few days if not every day

>Waste can be loaded every 15 minutes at one fourth of the hourly rated capacity. For example, a 200-pound-per-hour unit could be loaded with approximately 50 pounds of waste every 15 minutes.

>25 a day is a high capacity crematorium
>Think about it, Scully!

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that's why you starve people to death first
then there's fuck all left to burn

>No nono no don't tell facts and logic that don't match my delusions nooo

the government doesn't lie mulder

Ever tried drying fish when it's not hot as fuck?

>starve and force them to do labor so they lose weight
>stop giving them water in last couple days so they dehydrate
>as they die spray them down with salt water and let them sit in the sun for a week to cure
Would this work?

60 gorillian? never forget the 600 gorillian!

woah do they still get to go to orchestra practice?

Then you need to let it cool down first. It will be hot has hell long time. Espesily if it's made of bricks. It can store lot of energy.


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This is kind of fucked up but I wouldn't mind watching the fat fucks from my 600 pound life go through the crematorium after they fail the program and die. Like, that's the punishment, you either get healthy or you get cremated on television

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He doesn't have 1 he has 5


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