First time watching The Wire

>first time watching The Wire
>first season slow af, don't really get into it
>second season's great, new cool characters, interesting plots
>check online and people consider that it's the worst one

What do you guys think of the second season ?

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no you didn't. the fifth is universally considered the worst.

it's the worst one

I think it's the worst season if not considering the whole picture. All in all, it's a very nice add up to the show and almost critical to make it such kino.

Second season is fine but it's hard going from the highs of Season 1 Barksdale gang to the lows and near peter out of Season 2. The dockworkers were all pretty compelling characters though and The Greek was kino.

5th is objectively the worst season, only brainlets think season 2 is bad.

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Season 4 is the best

S2 is great upon rewatch

for me, it's 2=4>3>1>5

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I found season 2 a little jarring first time around, after building up the show around our group of police and the drug dealers, the shift in setting to the docks took a bit of getting used to, but rewatching it over the years I'd say 2 is probably the best.

Thr second season is my favorite. I think the redditor types were just angry it didn't focus on their pets.

S2 is pleb filter.

it's weird at first cuz of sudden change and build up takes a bit long but it really pays off.

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it still hurts bros.

Season 2 was my favorite
Season 1 was alright, really slow and low-stakes, literally a entire season of harassing hood niggers
I dropped it after the 3rd season finale, might go back later

thos entire show is boring as fuck

2 goat
3, 4 good
1 ok
5 shieeeeeet

Reminder that BET aired this show with season 2 cut out.

stick to capeshit pleb

I always gave up a few episodes in, tried like 4 different times to get into this show based on how acclaimed it is. I think the problem is that a story about FBI vs niggers just doesn't interest me

2 > 5 > 4 > 1 > 3

You are now aware that African Americans are gigantic racists and their racism is encouraged by leftists.

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Second season is my favorite.

Which season had best intro ?

the one with the tom waits intro of course

season 5 definitely was the worst. four was kind of bad. I like 1 the most, then 3 and 2 are pretty much equal, then a big drop to 4, then 5 was kind of bad.

david simon gets the credit as the creator but the real brains behind the writing is ed burns, and that shows best in the seasons where he has the most domain experience in. the scenes with the school and the newspaper have david simon all over them and it's lol-tier as a result. the only good things simon has ever written, he did with ed burns. look at the disasters he's done on his own like Treme for proof.

The second season is not bad but it's a contender for worst with five.

Season 2 poorly introduces the port characters. It drops you in the middle of a random trailer with like four characters you don't know, not making it clear why you care or even what they're talking about. There's also a scene in a bar where ziggy whips his dick out where you literally cannot tell what's being said because of the music and poor sound production. by this point another ten characters have been introduced but you don't know who the fuck they are or if you're supposed to care. Ziggy is a totally obnoxious character, not in a good, fun-to-hate kind of way, but in a this-is-unfun-to-watch kind of way, until his arc comes to completion. Nick, is also a terrible actor. Budget Ben Affleck bad, and BA is already of middling talent. Frank is easily the best of the port characters, including in terms of acting, but even though he has his moments he's still not very good. And Brother Mouzone is maybe the worst character/plotline of the entire show. Cartoonish.

Season five is rushed with the shorter episode order, and the plotline is farfetched in a way that feels out of character with the show. That being said, once you buy the premise, it's well produced, well acted, and maybe has the most clever and humorous dialogue of the entire series. Clay Davis and Freamon alone are worth watching it for, the ending is still poignant, and it is well paced and entertaining. I used to think it was the worst for the premise alone but on my last rewatch I appreciated that basically every other aspect of the season works. And it manages to recenter the show on McNulty, which was nice as a cap off to the show.

Season 3 and 4 are the best, season 1 is close behind, season 2 and 5 are last, but all are good.

For me? Its 3.

Unironically 1>2>3>4>5, it's almost like they tried to make it worse every season. Two has the most interesting palette, syncopated saxophones, upright bass, Tom Waits emotive growl, but it's too repetitive. One synches it with the best vocal performance by more than far, and as long as you forgive a pretty by the numbers instrumental section, maybe the best accompaniment as well.

Let's discuss Nicky's gf's tits instead

How could season five be so horrible? What where they thinking making the whole season revolve around a made up serial killer? It finally jumped the fucking shark.
For me? It’s hamsterdam. I work in the maritime industry so s2 was a bit bearable. I’ve actually docked in Baltimore and it really is a shitthole port, with horrible fucking line handlers who showed up half a minute before we were gonna throw lines

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Its more like, FBI vs themselves and niggers vs other niggers as the show progresses

>made up serial killer
>the boring newspaper subplot
S5 just feels like a completely different show.