Cast the all female peep show reboot

Cast the all female peep show reboot.

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Peep Show would be completely unwatchable without David Mitchell.

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>men make something
>every likes it
>feminists demand female-version of same thing
>everyone hates it

Every time.

they had two broke girls though. isn't it the tv show about two female losers?

there's no such thing as female losers.

Nice try, Hillary.

Me as someone they suck and fuck

I thought they already made it? Wasn’t it called broad town or something


Besides the horrendous idea of the gender swap, I feel the fucking Americans will want to make the characters likeable which it would be worse than gender swapping desu.

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Can a female Mark even exist?

You forgot the “label any criticism as sexism” part

That's a horrible idea
I don't want to watch two disgusting whores

In order for women to be "losers" in the same way that men can be considered, she has to have some kind of immensely unavoidable issue. Bitch has to have leprosy or a super deformed face or body, AND then have a super shitty personality atop that.
I don't get how loser men are losers because its their fault, and loser women deserve sympathy. Loser women earn the status the same way that men do, by being undesirable.
Fucking women are so crutched by human nature, you would think they would at least be capable of acknowledging it.

Women don't possess an internal monologue which is basically the entire point of the show

That Guardian writer is outraged about everything under the sun. Every week it's some new reactionary article about an incredibly specific injustice. I can't imagine what it'd be like to have to live with someone so wound up.

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Exactly that guy is humor personified.


Absolute pottery.

>men make
>feminists demand
I think I'm about to crack the code as to why

female peep show would be great, imagine getting the same witty insights but about the mind of two dark and relatable women instead

>cast a hot girl as a loser
>cast an ugly woman as a loser
Nobody wants to watch it.

Really a catch-22

Bruh, its 2020. Being a professional victim is a legitimate career.

Why would anyone think this is a good idea?

>ultra feminist thinking rationally

>Im so sad I could each a thousand boxes of ice cream!
>I've drunk literally hundred cups of coffee today

Fleabag already fills that niche somewhat

I wonder how this joke will land with a female cast.

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I would watch a quirky show about a woman who gets dumped by a guy and then starts putting dead animals in his mailbox to win him back.

No one said anything about bum rape Mark.

Very much this.

I can see it already
>main characters are 'lame' quirky free spirited chicks who do stuff like drink mimosas and wear sweatpants in public and have to scrounge up pocket change to make rent because they spent their paychecks on mimosas and sweatpants
>one of them has an ongoing fling with a REALLY attractive guy but she keeps fucking it up and can't commit because she's just that sort of 'lame' quirky free spirited chick who drinks mimosas and wears sweatpants
basically a clone of Broad City or that one godawful Amy Schummer romcom

Part of Peep Show's appeal is that the main characters are losers that are fundamentally horrible people, constantly undermine each other and ultimately never change

somehow I can't see them portraying two chicks that way

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>gender-swap reboot
How is that empowering women for them to just be uncreative women who could only appropriate what men created and did? It just makes women look to be too stupid to come up with anything creative on their own.

Seriously why don't they make a new show?

>US TV with female leads
Of course it's Muttistan

idra elba

I've never heard a compelling response to that very valid criticism.

rhianna beyonce zendaya, lets slay boys

It's easier to take something that already exists and is popular and claim it as your own. See pic related.

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Brand recognition.

Was just thinking this

Peep Show gets boring after a few episodes. Once you get used to the "Le cringe" aspect it becomes basically another drama

>that are fundamentally horrible people, constantly undermine each other and ultimately never change
that accurately describes the modern woman but dont forget it was also carried by the actors flawless portrayal of those characters

>somehow I can't see them portraying two chicks that way
They would never
The way women are written to be losers is to make them fun and awkward, with humblebrag flaws like forgetting to wear a bra or excitedly dancing in public or calling in sick to work even though they're not sick they just need emotional time.

second from left is cute though

Arielle Holmes as Super Hana.

Mark is a very specific brand of british man that does not exist in British women. It can't be done, not without massively changing the dynamic.

ok you got me there

it's set in the US

To be fair it'd be funny if they kept the scene and left it in since it was so ridiculous. You know they won't though.