Mfw reading a book on ancient and medieval warfare

>mfw reading a book on ancient and medieval warfare
woah... movies really get this stuff wrong don't they?

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Name 17

What book are you reading OP?

>implying movies should be realistic
only autists think this

what are you reading brah
im reading 'Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World 3000 Bce-500ce: Equipment, Combat Skills and Tactics'

Nope, grown-ups think like this. Go watch capeshit.

get thee behind me, satan

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so you're saying realistic pre-modern battles are bad because its a normal thing we can go and see in real life and thus is boring?

Nah just retards. They're that annoying friend you had in grade school that had to point out "that would never happen in real life!" when you watched movies together

Film exists in a plane of unreality. Even the most realistic-seeming medieval battle is wholly false. A great film does not replicate reality. It presents us with something more real than real. Distilled reality.

The fact you actually read "movies don't need realism" in this image is astonishing

Autists are retards

>it doesn't really exist so anything can happen in it
you have the mind of a child user

>You're only allowed to like things that are real as an adult
i remember being a teenager

Nice moves, bro! If you build up a strawman you even even have to acknowledge my argument. Easy win


>DUDE the Mona Lisa SUCKS because it's TOO REALISTIC
Nah. Realism and abstraction are just techniques which invoke a certain aesthetic/feeling. That guy is full of shit.

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that first throw still sticks him right in the shoulder

>get stabbed
>go straight to ground and writhe in agony for a while
>get finished off when the battle is over

well thats no fun

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Lmfao the mcdojo of hema

oh shit

a film about and leading up to the battle of hydaspes would be cool. basically alexander mostly peacefully conquering india until one king was like nah. he had double the men and many elephants, but alexander outsmarted him many times, even had a decoy that looked exactly like him to draw attention in battle, and eventually won decisively but let the indian king go cause he liked his moxie

>grabbing and swinging a sword by the blade
Was it autism?


I hate when people feel technique demonstrations against people that are half-heartedly attacking makes their shit look cool or credible to anybody capable of observing things visually.

t. no knowledge of swords beyond "its sharp and dangerous and goes slash slash"

I bet you think they just cleave through armour too

>no film ever had real footage


I know about half-swording but he's running the blade through his closed hand.
I think it would've sliced him. It's different if you just grip it.

when they can have the real thing
he's right let me just get press ganged in the local lord's levy

the dude in the armor was using against someone without an armor

>the virgin fantasy made bows a weapon for women and homosexuals Tolkien masturbated to
>Meanwhile in the Chad reality archers were swole as shit

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>Siege warfare of the 17th century
Nothing more kino in this world. Siege of Vienna is pretty nice but sòyboys always look at the "OMG THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED" instead of the actual cool shit

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