How can you tell whether an actor is actually popular...

How can you tell whether an actor is actually popular? Pic related has buzz on social media but I doubt the average normie on the street knows who she is. Yet they they're casting her in everything now

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Thats Flowrence Pugh. She was the star of Dwayne The Rocks hit film the Fighting with My Family

She's fucking Zach Braff and normies were shitting on her and Braff cause of the age difference.

You said it, actor is truly popular when average normie on the street knows their name. Even your grandma knows who Brad Pitt,Tom Cruise and Dicaprio are,ergo they are popular. When an actor is trending on social media, it's more often than not that the studio is shilling them.

The fuck is wrong with her head.

Don't women know not to pull their hair back like that? It causes traction alopecia (balding)

It's not garnished with a ring of flowers, as it should ever be.

Who the fuck cares?

She was so cute in Little Women, wtf is this terrible makeup

She is the current "it girl," they get a lot of attention and roles for a short while then fade into obscurity.

JLaw was another one and we all saw what happened to her

She was so cute getting naked with hung slaves in Lady Macbeth, wtf is this terrible makeup

In world full of actresses that look like baboons, she looks good but relatable to other women.

she's waging a daily battle with her body that wants to be fat

Social media popularity means little outside of those specific platforms unless you are literally among the most popular users period. They are all echo chambers.

They arent known for thinking ahead user.

She’s a good actress

I like Florence Pugh because she looks like your waitress at Ruby Tuesdays who asks how your birthday is going so far, or like the girl in the HR department who smiles at you in the break room sometimes.

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Yet celebs are pushed to have social media presence

vile creature

I want to cum in her ass

Mainly because it costs almost nothing and if you are among the top users it allows you to make justifiably short non-statements on everything that are hard to fuck up so you become part of every news story and give the illusion of personal fan interaction at the same time. There is literally no downside to it for them. But again it almost never translates to anything outside of those platforms.

yeah what happened to her

God this gal is just gross, know what i mean?
Yea yea, she probably looks fuckable to you in that makeup and these press photos, but she just has average and unathletic written all over her which makes me want to puke
Her diet is probably bad and she farts around the house dresses in sweatpants, while stinking of cigarettes and foul sweat.

calm down this just a website

She looks absolutely disgusting. Not so long ago, her kind wouldve lived their lives being a loyal wife to some basic worker man, raise a family and not trying to whore her life as an entertainer, because everyone can see she is ugly, untalented common rabble.

>married Zach Braff
>Defends him from ''abuse'' about their age difference

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If Reddit loves you then you're the next big thing. Normalfags watched Midsommar, Little Woman and Fighting with my Family and think because she's being cast in these films, she seems to be emoting in the scene, then she's obviously a fantastic and talented actor. This is very common among mainstream audiences. If you play a character they like, like a superhero for example, then normies will get tricked in to believing you can act. The same thing happened with Ana de Armas. She got cast for her tits in Knock Knock and now because Rian Johnson let her be wooden in Knives Out, redditors believe she was actually acting in the film. Another example would be Lakeith Stanfield. They saw him in Get Out, Knives Out, Death Note and Sorry to Bother You and assumed he was anything but a jumped up nigger. He's yet to act but I've seen more than one article claiming that he's the most important actor of our generation.

>ruins your movie

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Timorthy Charmalet is the same way, he's Reddit's favorite

another great example. There are lots of them in Hollywood