Cast him

Cast him.

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don't tell me what to do.

He was just ripping off Powers Boothe so him

Josh Brolin

His voice actor (after losing some weight)

how about i cast him and the shit game he came from into the fucking toilet where they belong

Jeff Bridges

Jean-Paul Tremblay. He’s basically the same character as Julian Anyway

That's Arthur, my dude. If we didn't just cast his actual voice actor, who could do it fine if he just lost a little weight / built up muscle.

Vincent Ambrosio

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Daniel Day-Lewis

The corpse of William Holden. The character Rockstar ripped off Dutch.

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RDR2 is The Irishman of videogames storytelling: frontloaded, needlessly long, bogged down by underdeveloped characters and plotlines that go nowhere, rubberbanding pacing, and ultimately it is a story that didn't need to be told.

Jean Dujardin

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Michael Jai White

Nicholas Cage as DUTCH, Bill Hader and John Marston.

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>Named Dutch
>It's actualy american


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>van der linde
He's Dutch-American

I was thinking maybe Jake Gyleenhaale for Arthur since brolin is kinda old. But Jake's voice is too way for that.

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Unironically his VA, I know he's abit big but the voice is so iconic.


Already done

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Brad Pitt as Arthur

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He can’t do accents


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>Tfw can already taste them sweet Tahitian mangoes.

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Walton Goggins as inspector Milton


The Irishman looked and sounded so much like Domnhall Gleeson that I'm still convinced he played the part under a pseudonym.


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>Tfw you don't want to taste those sweet Tahitian Mangoes.

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But user, Micah is already real. Also voiced him.

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