This is so cute

This is so cute

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>watching people from the past
>they're so pure, tender and gentle
>everyone now is a loud sociopath


>Mark is the ONE guy Carrie never had sex with in that era

You know on every measurable basis youre less likely to be victim to violence than literally any other time in human history, right?

That’s something I’ve noticed too. Old films from the sixties, from newsreels to joke video, people seem much happier and friendly. Now, everyone hunkers down and are constantly status seeking and performative in their actions. Nobody is real anymore.

You are indeed correct sir. Humans seem to be getting less violent over time
NOW THE asterisks *******
* Globally yes however it very much depends where you are living today. If you live in Mexico for example, where crime has spiralled then this statement while true on a global level would not seem true to yourself and your own circumstance.

yes, western world was mexico tier back then

yea only because those people are busy being verbally abusive on social media now rather than physically violent in real life.

And? Now human value is commodified in dystopian ways compared to the past. We're not people anymore. Just capital.

What I'm getting at is it literally depends where you live.
I am not contesting your general statement at all because I know it to be true as well.
What can be said, because I was there, is that people in 80s were much more naive (inoccent) if you will, than today. In certain respects it is a shame, and on another level quite repugnant.

I miss white America :(

That's why I mainly watch older (especially British) shows or modern movies that manage to capture the mood of the older times. There is an essence of comfort, surety, and civility that's lost in modern movies. Though modern politics are starting to invade period pieces as well. The world today is too angry. Even Yas Forums is so angry nowadays. I'm an Asian.

*Christian america

People would still be shitting on each other without a benevolent culture holding it together.

We’ve been turned into tax cattle, is why
Never forget, it was taken from you BY DESIGN.

Christ you're dumb

*blocks your path*

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Mexicans are Christians

>everyone in the past was morally upright and pure
>everyone in the present is an unhinged sociopath
this is how conservatives think, and they have the nerve to call liberal mentally ill

Only in name. Do they practice actual teachings and integrate it in their lives? They really don't.

This is the first time I've actually opened the video and realized that the woman in the pink overalls isn't Carrie Fisher.

>tfw no cute little dog or cunny

Don't make this a liberal vs conservative thing. You're a cuck for even ascribing to that bullshit partisanship.

have dilate

Jesus Christ you are one lost and pitiful mother fucker.

you know carrie fisher was known for being a drug addict and fucking half of hollywood right?

Societal induced involuntary celibacy is an act of violence.
Prove me wrong.

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Bullshit I live in London and if you walk down the wrong street you're pretty much guaranteed to get stabbed. This city was paradise until, well, you know.

Ok fuckhead cunt lets hear your arguments.

Govt issued cute dogs and cunnys when?

Wish I could show this post to your parents. Imagine how embarrassed they'd be that you lust over children's genitals.

So he's been in the accident at this point? His face looks ok

no they're not, they're pagan worshippers larping as christian

was it autism?

those girls are like 8 yrs old. literally kill yourself.

Jewish lies

Remember what they took from you.