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Hopefully porn actress soon.

Can we got back to calling her mexican lexi belle

that was funny

the appeal of a woman like Ana is that she is a legitimately talented actress that plays compelling characters who then do lewd things

That's why she's better than porn

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she is cuban tho

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Anadearmas sounds like come soft of annual Celtic celebration of the sun.

>In 2015, Belle made her mainstream acting debut as Hera in the action thriller Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, along with fellow porn actress Kayden Kross and Tommy Wiseau.[5]

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Name one (1) regular actress who turned pornstar
protip: it literally never happened even if the other way aroun can happend

Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cambodian, Venezuelan. What's the difference? They're all spics

Would it be fair to say she has inherited the post once held by Jennifer Connelly?

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Maitland Ward.
Though I use "actress" very loosely.

what happened?

The most beautiful women in the world can look like this if you catch them with less make-up, making a dull expression, from a bad angle with flat lighting.
That pic and this one could have been taken on the same day.

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latinas have a very short shelf life

that only applies to poor people

>Not taking into account all the blowjobs and times shit let directors shit in their mouths to get the roles she got

virgin white knight appears.

>30 years old
how does she do it lads?

She's on of those women that looks relatively normal in clothes (apart from otherwise being gorgeous), but just has this amazing tight body underneath, like damn bros.

She has neotenous bone structure, uses the best skincare products, eats a healthy low calorie diet, hires an excellent personal trainer, and has world-class photographers climbing over each other to shoot her.

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She looks good and younger than her real age and she is a good actress as well. She seems to have a "past" like so many other actresses but if she plays her cards right she'll eventually get an Oscar.


it's not fair bros

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This pic is making me puke

>She seems to have a "past" like so many other actresses
Reminds me of this

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Why are incels so obsessed with her?

They're not.
Incels probably hate her.
You're confusing groups.

Her parents moved to Cuba from Spain

So did most of the other Cuban's parents

>imagine falling for makeup in 2020

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>imagine falling for makeup in 2020

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>imagine falling for makeup in 2020

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Why did she shave her eyebrows?

How the fuck is she allowed to just spend her life looking like a person she isn't? Fuck man, when you examine women and scrutinize their actions its really fucking hard to respect them as cognitive of sentient creatures. Men are fucked but at least I've seen a lot of men capable of being honest with themselves about their actions. I almost never fucking meet or see a woman doing that shit.

This is a consequence of plucking your eyebrows for many years. She draws them on and fills them out most of the time.

>How the fuck is she allowed to just spend her life looking like a person she isn't?
That's how every woman lives and that won't stop them from calling you an incel.

women are required to use their sexuality, that's the reason. A woman is supposed to entice curiosity and be sensual. That's the reason they are allowed to do that, because that's an actual requirement.