What are some notable miscasting decisions that brought down the quality of an entire production?

What are some notable miscasting decisions that brought down the quality of an entire production?

Pic definitely related

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That's not very forward of you

Vin Diesel in anything

She was kinda bad but her "nobody told me it was uncrackable" line did things to me bros.

The architect in any singing role. or acting role.
really he should just make money fattening up actresses somehow.

She was fine, but definately underused

How was she a bad cast? She played Catwoman fine. The character is just shitty. And the movie as a whole was meh

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Anne Hathaway doesn't have any sex appeal

Anne Hathaway in a catsuit was the best part of that shitty movie.

1) Shes not attractive.
2) She can't act.
3) Shes not very forward.

he was well cast as the dumb grunt solider who gets killed being dumb in Saving Private Ryan


michelle pfeiffer is unbeatable and even halle berry was a better choice than bland cathaway


I think you're forgetting something. Something huge

Christopher Nolan is horrendous at casting women. I cannot think of a single attractive woman in any of his films.

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1 is wrong.
2 is opinion
3 is retarded

Carey Mulligan.

Just horrible. Stop using this actress in things.

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>Soul Soulless

Maggie is attractive, but she is the type of woman that needs to be wearing flattering clothes and most of the time she is not.

She hasn't been relevant since 2012

How did she hit the wall so fast?

and even that was subpar

best scene is where she's breaking into a safe and she's squatting down.

This is true. She is pretty abhorrent usually however in The Duece where she wears tight fitting clothes and walks and talks like a slut suddenly she's a lot more attractive and you forget about her forehead. She has nice legs

hes campy, hes cheesy, hes horrible

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Is this the guy from Ex Machina or am i tripping

perabo and scarlett at prestige
and anne looks hot as fuck in interstellar.

It was a crap movie but she was fine in it

Literally the opposite of what you're saying

>Anne Hathaway
>Marion Cotillard

He's just shit at directing


She's too Broadway to be in Nolan's version of Batman.

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It is, and Hux.

1 is wrong
2 is opinion
3 is oh I get it

I had a boner in the theater tho. She was hot.

Exactly. Great director who chooses averageish actresses not looking their best and acting without sensuality. I assume his wife producer is the culprit.