Kinos where the protag goes through major character development?

Kinos where the protag goes through major character development?

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I kinda feel bad for this nigga

Trannys are the easiest target to abuse. You must be having a really bad time in life kiddo


at least its not another fat tranny


Because it is GOOD bullying them. If guilty won't stop them, shame will.

Kinos with a strong matriarchal figure?

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Why? He realised the error of his ways, found Jesus and is now no longer a tranny

>women should vote and have leadership positions in the workplace


Nothing wrong with body positivity user

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>i hate trannies but I'm going to obsess over them all day long

Weird choice but okay.


Why the biggest freaks always try to become trannies? I would expect cute twinks or something but it's always creeps who look like they're two weeks away from a sexual assault on a minor.

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Unironically, he cute. No homo

This, if someone makes a Yas Forums post about something, that is absolute proof that they are obsessed with it. For example, if someone calls someone else a faggot on Yas Forums, that means they watch gay porn all day.


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This. Yas Forums's obsession with trans folk is hilarious, definitely think there are a few closeted transwomen on here.

Still a tranny fool

A close-up of the face on the right could work as a fucking jumpscare

This, I'm really close to drugging myself and cutting off my penis and wearing dresses. It could happen at any time.

Cute twinks know that they’re far more sexually desirable in their current form

Look at this thing and tell me it would be happy in any combination of clothing

>arachnophobia huh? that must mean you want to fuck spiders
Dilate my man

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Hunter Schafer passes but most do yeah

kinos about an entire website being obsessed with trannies?

cast him

I thought you wanted trans people to be visible? Well they are, and the people who see them hate them for being freaks.

Kinos where the protag has biscotti feet?

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>I thought you wanted trans people to be visible?
when did I say that? :o

I really wouldn't think about trannies often if Yas Forums wasn't constantly bringing them up

>I don't actually support something contradicting your political beliefs, I just think you're cringe for having an opinion

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Your biopic
>pic related

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Yas Forums was always obsessed with the macabre.

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>dude im not a rabid SJW i just think your cringe bro yikes oof big foul

Simple. They've failed at being men and have convinced themselves they've discovered a magic switch to fix every issue they've ever had in their lives. They put the weight of every failure they've ever endured on the fact that they were born in the "wrong body". I'm not a loser, it's s o c i e t y that's been incorrect this entire time!
Literal mental illness, and they're encouraged to do it by others who have also jumped in the water and are trying to convince themselves and others that their decision doesn't have them living in a constant state of regret and embarassment. I feel bad for them. They're confused and easily manipulated because they're hurting people looking for an easy fix that will only make things worse.

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stopped reading there

Dilate freak

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Kinos with happy gay sounds?

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They're like a better version of gore because you know they continue to suffer.

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literally every single person from a forum i browsed as a kid turned out to be a tranny, every single one, they all turned out miserable wrecks. i didn't ask for trannies, now i will never stop

go back

Must suck knowing you will never pass as a woman

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Are there any hot trannies who actually pass apart from Hunter Schafer?

Plenty have been posted already.

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I feel as if these people aren't trannies but just dressing up and making fun of how they look like

Kinos about strong friendships?

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I admire your optimism.

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No you bitch I'm serious

Trannies are just incels in drag

you just described trannies