Josh Safdie

Why is he so kino?

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how is a person "kino"?

by making kino

>that time Yas Forums fell for some sperg pretending to be him
embarrassing day for this board

Oy vey, sad to hear gems is a lkready forgotten

le 6/10 director face

Cross the room if.... you are a virgin

Fuck he is one Jewish looking motherfucker

Wtf is wrong with this wh*te boi's nose and beardline lmfao? Caucasoid looks like an AIDS sufferer

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he was actually on here doing an ama but we drove him away before the thread even hit 20 replies

ama '

get out redditor,
and thinking a white director would visit 4channel

what the fuck? do you think AMA is exclusive only to reddit? it's literally an acronym that just means the person was answering questions. Go fuck yourself, cunt. have sex

being this mad no one does ama's on Yas Forums, take your anger back to redd!t please sir.

what about my comment makes it seem like im upset they dont do amas on here, i could give less of a shit

I'm sorry to hear how irate you are sonny boy, you'll lose your virginity one day. Chin up and have a better day.

I actually have sex unlike u hahahhaha XDDDD

Ok sonny boy, mommy's calling you, time to get off the computer and get tucked in. Do a reddit ama about it.

Im a neo nazi that actually believes the world would be a better place without jews and their masonic allies

9/10 one of the best directors working. Id love to see safdie do a gritty 70s cop/crime period piece.

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>that ending to uncut gems

there's no contradiction here. you are an impressionable teenager, which explains both of your opinions.
nice dubs

fyi I'm right clicking and hiding this jew

hitler did nothing wrong
safdiebros produce the best tension in modern cinema


definitely a redditard.cuck
have sex simp

Fucking retard

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>being this mad no one does ama's on Yas Forums
No actor will ever gonna do an AMA here. They may browse here anonymously, but they are not gonna reveal themselves.


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>am I fitting in yet?

It’s, dare I say, like another shoah.

I really liked Good Time. But Uncut Gems was only "ok." Haven't seen their earlier work but I've heard them say it's not the best.
I really don't understand why everyone's sucking these guy's dicks. They're unique, but it'll probably take a few films for them to really come into their own (if they haven't sold their souls by then).

looks like some shitty Jew to me