More movies like this?


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It looks better than the shitty cover art.

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The Last Jedi
The Last Samurai
The Last Starfighter
The Last of the Mohicans
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Last Action Hero
Last House on the Left
I Know What You Did Last Summer
X-Men: Last Stand

It's called Google, Op

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why did you just name a bunch of capeshit

Once Upon A Forest
The Secret of Nimh
Little Nemo
An American Tail ***

All of these involve cartoons without child-friendly themes and lament the loss of innocence and have overarching motifs about death, like the movie you posted.
American Tail is a little more upbeat, sometimes.
You could also try the Great Mouse Detective, just because.


>be unicorn
>turned into human
>finally able to wipe ass
>whine about being human

Imagine trading immortality and an eternally clean butthole for a slightly-rounder, fallible human ass that you must wipe for 80 years!
The absolute STATE of mortal cucks.

>he doesn't eat ass

Was going to post this.

So, my memory is hazy but that unicorn in her female form did fuck the prince right??

Rankin-Bass. Those motherfuckers dominated 1980's non-mainstream animation.

>You could also try the Great Mouse Detective, just because.
Best thing so far.

Imagine eating grass for eternity and constantly getting bit by flies and mosquitoes.

the hobbit animated movie is made by the same studio and also great.
that version of smaug is one of my favorite depictions of dragons ever. it`s completle unique yet you still know right away that it is supposed to be a dragon

i thought that scene of the uncorn not having a reflection in her eyes due to the spell was very clever even as a kid

The animated Tolkien movies.

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Nope. But there was a kiss.

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There are none. It’s magical.

>The Secret of Nimh
Legitimate contender.

I was in love with Amalthea my entire childhood.


great way to traumatize your kids

>main villain is an energy drink

Kids needs exposure to a little darkness, else they grow up to be pussies.

No, that's the one with the rabbits. Or dogs. NIMH, at a very big stretch.

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nah that witches circus with all the fucked up animals in disguise and the harpy is nightmare fuel

Correct. Kids need it.

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