Cast my sisters

Cast my sisters.

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Canker sisters minus the blonde

a movie about hipster lesbians who raise free range chickens

left: Samantha Cormier

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What kind of panties do they wear?

They look too good to be related to you OP.

Faye Reagan and Ben Shapiro's titcow sister.

Girly, flowery panties but also sometimes high waist 80s panties.

More like coomer because she makes me HARD

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god I want a ginger gf so much

im going to say it.

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do you have picture of there pusy

cannot cast without the pusy

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Hm maybe if you lean to the left you can see i t here

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Which one?

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left obviously

And I mean, obviously either, but for me, it's the shorter haired one.

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She's definitely stunningly gorgeous and perfect.

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*cosplays as your waifu*

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half the reason I write music is the hope that it will one day get me an art hoe gf

Dude playing in a band or being an artist is the way to get them, absolutely. I've had cute/hot art girls. They're absolutely getable.

Why do you have a boner for your sisters

would love to see them with a black man

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>Bandage on her foot


They're not my sisters. There's just something very 'sisterly' aesthetics-wise about creative, precocious, pale white girls named Libby and Mathilda.

how do I acquire a ginger gf?

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both their boyfriends are black btw

Here, have one.

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I'll cast them into a fucking pit, degenerate harlots

There bfs are literally skinny white art bro types, but nice try.

Can you imagine, their pale skin being pumped by a thick nubian cock, dark as polished ebony. Spurting powerful African cum into their tight little bodies.

thank you very much


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chang pls


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