All the trolls who bullied him are now being doxxed

>All the trolls who bullied him are now being doxxed
>Chris has won

He is a hero. Any good autism kino films?

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To be honest, most of the trolls were more embarrassing than Chris. Like, the dedicated ones. The ones who actually tried to meet up and mess with him. Some came off downright sociopathic.

>the pickle man tricked me again
Finally justice.

SHE. She is a hero.

>hairless body and that massive gyno
Did autism meds do that to Chris?
I'm pretty sure this was a pre-tranny pic

Elaborate. Who was Surfshack Tito and Clyde Cash? Is this the work of kiwiniggers?

doxing is spelled with one X, tranny

how'd they get doxxed

Seems to not be the case after a cursory search.

There have been a few threads on Kiwi recently of the doxing, but they have been quickly deleted.

Then post screenshots, goddamn. I wanna know who Surfshack Tito was.

kiwifag infighting

Explains why I got banned from there in less than a week for "trolling and infighting". Those faggots can sure dish it out but they can't take it.

>chris has won

That's a pyrrhic victory if I ever saw one, the internet put that boy on the crazy bus and he drove it straight off of a cliff

I'll feel strange when he dies

New episode of the documentary this weekend it's Bob's death

He still won. The trolls lost.

I feel like the people who dedicate their life making wiki, video ,etc about him are actually far more crazy than him

I dont neccesarily agree with you. Look at him before, when he was a regular sperg, and look at him now.

I dont see how you could call that any type of victory, unless your view of reality is as warped as his

Fucking finally lmao.

I remember lurking that stupid imageboard those faggots ran years ago and every time there was a dry spell of new stuff for them to obsess over they'd immediately go at each other's throats and lose their minds. Guess not much has changed since then. Also some fat guy on that site posted dick pics of himself for no reason.

>your view of reality is as warped as his

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I'm betting most of them look like this.

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Like blood to sharks

The stalker cult around CWC is at least as fascinating as his antics

...and I just won!

Too bad cripplechan /cow/ is down. So who were the trolls? Are there saved screenshots from Kiwifarms?

No shit, everyone who follows this guy's life in any way other than as a passing meme is mentally disturbed. Normal people just laugh at him and move on.

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In the phonecalls between him and Kacey, Kacey consistently came off as the least likeable person.

we talking about the ye olde trolls like clyde cash, liquid-chris and the picklefag or the newfag trolls and a-logs?
since the kiwifags have been going after the later for years now after they joined team CWCville, cause they actually feel sorry for him

hell, they even did a fundraiser to him after his house burnt down and the owner of KF even helped chris with his finances

I just miss Chris pumping out regular Sonichu comics. Say what you want about Chris but the Sonichu comics were really funny in how Chris intertwined the silly shit that happened in his life with the dumb cartoons/video games he obsessed over. And call him a retard but the comic had a ton of iconic moments and lines:

>Goku getem attitude
>You don't have to tell me twice. But during the stone age...
>Then may I orbit your belt?

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Yeah, I can't really see myself taking the highground as the cyber-torturer of a mentally ill autistic man.

You're all faggots, liquid chris did literally nothing wrong. Also ALOGGING isn't a thing.

Everyone already knows Liquid’s real name and shit so I don’t care about him.

>Also ALOGGING isn't a thing.
Ok A-Log

>Also ALOGGING isn't a thing.
Yes it definitely is. Watch ALogs video where he acts like Chris is one of the greatest evils in the world. When you hate a Lolcow instead of admiring their mixture of stupidity and insanity you are indeed Alogging.

Yes, but the modern interpretation of ALOGing is too generous, if liquid chris did what he did today, he'd 100% be considered an ALOG.

Is that BlueSpike?

even those wouldn't be funny anymore. it would be like laughing at the fingerpaintings of a diddled four year old in foster care.

Is the merge saga still going on or what?

If a four year old drew "yawning squirtle" I'd laugh my ass off at it too. Chris Chan's autistic art is just funny, there's reason everyone loved lazerbot's Tales Gets Trolled which was obviously a guy who was inspired by Chris's stupid comics.

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