What went wrong?

I genuinely thought she would be much bigger after TFA but newcomers like Florence Pugh are stealing all the good roles

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She's not good at acting

Not all of hollywood likes banging trannies


This plus she's fake as fuck in interviews. Obviously annoying to work with.

she's not good at acting, she's ugly as shit, and the movies she was in were just not good.

>that uncanny valley she has

she didn't take a shit on my chest

Has it ever been a problem?

Well florence pugh can act

She didn't put her feet on my face

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Pugh is slightly better but was cringe in Midsommar. Kirsten Stewart has three bombs in a row and still gets work.

Kirsten Stewart can act though. Florence Pugh has been in more than one movie

Looks like the feet of a drowned corpse

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Nobody wants to see women, least of all other women.
The only person who had the right idea about women being "untapped" potential was Weinstein.

>kirsten stewart can act
Citation needed

because she eats pussy and sucks dick real good.

Nothing went wrong. As far as post SW career go, she's the one doing better.


where the fuck jews even found this fucking ugly gremlin. is she like bastard child of rothshilds?

Acting is not a linear career. Cinema is at an all-time low with all the capeshit, frankenmovies and SJW mediocrities attempting to limit freedom of expression, so there are few roles where actors can give their very best.

>where the fuck jews even found this fucking ugly gremlin
>plays a corpse
>turns star wars into a walking corpse
>also palpatine zombie
It's like pottery or some shit

Star Wars isnt her fault

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She was great in Mid-sommar wtf lmao. Stewart ad Ridley are shite though

Yes it is. She can't act and her face ruined everything

>kstew is shit
this is a meme
anything other than twilight she delivers

I've seen better acting from statues

Because she’s not letting me to sniff and lick her arsehole

She is shit.

you are shit

Shit taste man. Ridley mogs her acting and appearance wise.

ridley looks like a literal bobble head come to life

go home daisy, you're drunk

desu she's fit as fuck if you ask me, then again i like ellen page

Her poor delivery in TFA made the opening scenes difficult to watch

Women should be forbidden by law from wearing makeup.

Ellen Page was a cutie 10 or so years ago, but she's been particularly brutally hit by the wall.

clearly you have a type
12 year old boys