Name a film critic that is actually worth reading

Name a film critic that is actually worth reading

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Are there any worry reading besides Armond White? I really don't fucking think so but I haven't dug.

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Yes. Back up your claims like a man, Incel

if i need someone to tell me whether i liked the film or not, i just come here

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more attainable*

There isn't one. I don't understand the mentality of needing someone else to tell me if I think something is good or not

Does she still stream? Anyone know her account

none, because mark kermode is on the radio

I don't read critics. But between Jeremy Jahns, Mike Stoklasa, Chris Stuckmann, and Jay Bauman, I think I'm covered.

Having a professional opinion is a ridiculous idea and paying attention to it is even worse.

Rex Reed

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cole smithey

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Its Time

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I don't always agree with Ebert but I like him and there's nothing you can do to stop my enjoyment.

This. Imagine actually being a 'critic' as a career.

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We will interview Dan Schneider this week

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critics are really not useful, you're better off reading filmmaker's thoughts on movies. scaruffi has some cringe opinions but he's a very decent release radar.

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except the hair and tattoos. at least she's not getting any on her upper body.

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