Red Dragon

Red Dragon
>two families have died to a serial killer, get Will Graham on the phone NOW!
Silence of the Lambs
>dozen woman have died to a serial killer, put that young girl rookie on the case
>shall I call Will Graham, sir?

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I always wished the book/movie Hannibal was about Clarice trying to find Will Graham for one last hunt to take down Hannibal Lecter once and for all.
It could have been so fucking good, imagine William Petersen and Jodie Foster on screen together.

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He was already retired in Red Dragon and probably Leckter wouldn't like to talk to him anymore.

the ending of Red Dragon suggests it was hours from Graham finishing the case and Clarice visiting Leckter

Manhunter > Silence

You can only compare Manhunter to Red Dragon.

That’s the retarded Brett Ratner movie

i thought in the SOTL book lector asked about graham? havent read the book in years but first almost getting disembowled by lector and then face crushed by dollarhyde i wouldnt want anything to do with crazy killers either

Will Graham retired. Not that he couldn't be brought out. For one last job.

Get Michael Mann, William Petersen, and Brian Cox on the phone for Manhunter 2.

crawford threw him away like trash and his wife left with the kid that wassnt even his and he became a alcoholic with a disfigured face

pleb filtered

Sexism innit. No one cares about a few missing women.


She was only sent in as an experiment to communicate with lector cos he told everyone else to fuck off, he became smitten to her and it all led from there

Its because they were all great big fat women; absolutely sickening.

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In the last scene of the book, Francis Dolarhyde stabs Will Graham very deeply in the face. Jack Crawford remarks that Graham now looks like a Picasso painting. That is why he retired and never gets called up again. The movie cut it out because the filmmaker was a weak-kneed fag.

how could he "retire" if technically he wasnt a fbi agent ever?

He had been a criminal profiler employed by the FBI. Read the book.

>Will Graham, the keenest hound ever to run in Crawford's pack, was a legend at the Academy; he was also a drunk in Florida now with a face that's hard to look at..." Crawford tells her that "[Graham's] face looks like damned Picasso drew it." When Starling first meets Lecter, he asks her how Graham's face looks. Before Lecter's escape, Dr. Frederick Chilton tells him that Crawford is not happy that Lecter "cut up his protegé", referencing Graham.[2

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i have. im just saying crawford baited him into the dolarhyde case only to toss him out like trash

He uses Starling, too. Crawford was a low-key piece of shit.

>S1 & S2 Graham and Hannibal attempting to hunt each other down while also dealing with the outside influences of life on their relationships

Literally perfect, if only she didn't shave.

Red Dragon is better than Manhunter.

So who disfigured Graham, Lector or Francis?

Bill > tooth fairy

Francis, but he was able to do it because Lector gave him Will's address.

in the book lector nearly disembowel him and dollerhyde fucks up his face by stabbing him in the cheek

The Great Red Dragon carver up his face . Hannibal just made it so he’d have uncomfortable bowel movements for the rest of his life.

Ah, to add on this , Lector had gutted Graham with a linoleum cutter before the events of Red Dragon, when Will was arresting Lector. But the face-stabbing was Dolarhyde.

Will Graham is retired and wants absolutely nothing to do with Lecter. Lecter almost had his family killed and still taunts him through correspondence. Clarice is never officially put on the case. She's a special agent that's assisting Crawford, the lead detective. Before any retard interjects special agent is below agent, despite what Hollywood often says.

he didnt carve him up he thrusted the hunting knife so hard it crushed that side of his face

I don't know, Garfield gave the performance of his career in Silence. It was a bit dry though. Hard to compare.

>he became smitten to her and it all led from there
He was happy to toy with her and tell her to fuck off until Miggs through cum in her face. He gave her a chance right there through pity alone because he found the act so repugnant, Lecter is a stickler for manners.

clairice was still a fbi cadet. graham was an ex homicide detective who enlisted in the fbi but he couldnt pass their profile test but they kept him on as a "special" investigator cause he had a gift for weeding out the crazys

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