Why is he incapable of understanding film?

Why is he incapable of understanding film?

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He? Looks like a chick


Who is that?

dog rapist

lol he review movies and he didn't know about Metropolis and M, fucking retard


Mental disabled. Common among social reject nerds.

I strongly dislike this person

Because he is a mentally ill furry gay man who was molested by his family and has sex with dogs.

Because he dedicates his time to understanding dogs.

He was molested by his father and brother. He was never going to turn out normal after that. No one does.

He was someone who basically recorded himself watching awful horror movies and making "lol ever noticed how they always decide to split in horror movies!"-tier observations, why he thought that makes him a serious film scholar who can confidently talk shit about Welles and Kurosawa is something we'll never understand

Drug addict dog rapist and also probably aspd. Doesnt get any more degenerate than that

There is literally nothing wrong with bestiality as long it's a woman being fucked.


Don't know
But I do know what he's capable at

This shows how low the bar for entry is on youtube that even some junkie zoophile degenerate with absolute pleb taste can make it big
Anons, what is your excuse for not becoming a youtube """movie critic"""?

did he actually fuck a dog?

Is this true?



no, but he was an actual heroin addict at 15. it mightve been some other hard drug, i dont really remember

>homosexual and furry
>defends bestiality because animal farming is in his opinion just as bad
>is not a vegan
not a good look


Name one movie he was completely wrong about. You literally can't. Yeah his reviews are shit but his ratings are pretty much always spot on

Looking forward to his 120m "Kimba ain't Lion King rip-off", premiering within a week.

>sex with animals bad
>rape animals to eat their babies good

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Adam, please stop raping your dog

his movie of the year 2016 was Anomalisa
it doesnt get much more wrong than that

Jesus Christ, e-celeb threads are such cancer