Technically, she should have failed

Technically, she should have failed.

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dredd would have autistically failed her except he had been given discretion over it

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>sex scene uses a body double

>when all you have is a hammer

These are the only comics I've ever really been tempted to buy. Are they good?

Look fat, here's the deal.

Not any more.

Naw, a mind reading/pushing judge would be prized

yeah, but they go through judges the way your mom goes through condoms. they can't afford to turn any of the borderline good ones away.

What do you mean fatso?

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basically, "if life gives you lemons" except you lob lemons at all problems

Judge Titty haha

Start with its 2nd compendium (they call their compendiums Case Files btw) if you want to skip the comic figuring itself out. Idk when it gets bad after that I only read the first 3 which I had a blast reading. I don't like comics either really just Judge Dredd.

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What ever happened to this scene? Seems it was deleted.

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Nah, it's been re-released as a BLACKEDRAW special edition

unironically would be better if it was Dredd getting sexually assaulted by the Nigerians

Blacked is boring cringe. Why couldn't the Dredd guys shoot it themselves with their gritty Dredd style? I'd watch that.

I do actually do that. I do I do.

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>Not any more.
name a single thing that is still good? I'll wait...

they probably did, and that's where this screenshot came from. garland (who shot most of dredd despite only having screenwriter credit) probably has it now and regularily jerks to it, same as to the extended footage he shot with portman and that black guy.

I really wish we saw more.

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Her real weapon was her mind and she never lost it

a street cop wouldn't use "i've" like that

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fig newtons
strawberry pop tarts

I hope that mad lad is involved in the TV show that might or might not ever come out. They said they wanted it to be as edgy as Dredd and as ridiculous as the coomic. Judge Hershey getting gangbanged by thugs while Walter the Woboy watches would be the tits. She has that kino Larkin Love aesthetic IIRC. Big tittied goth Judge gf

She shows her tits in The Wackness

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olivia thirlby doesn't have that nice of tits or body

Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the 2nd compendium.

this is just the scene of them walking her past the thugs after capturing her. Mama then tells them not to touch her as they need to make it look like an accident rather than a gang rape of a judge trainee or whatever, if memory serves

they wanted her bad
they'd already overlooked one failed exam so it's likely they'd overlook two

2000ad is the best thing to ever come out of britain, period.

saw more of a body double?

a bobby would though