What the fuck was his problem anyway???

what the fuck was his problem anyway???

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He had an awakening from murishart dream.

bullied one too many times by loudmouth jerks

Kubrick talked about this, as the Vietnam war ramped up the Pentagon made the clusterfuck move of lowering mental standards for conscripts allowing mildly retarded people into the ranks. It actually increased the casualty ranks and was listed as the primary reasoning for an all-volunteer military and higher standards for recruiting.
TL;DR: he was a retard who snapped after getting a blanket party

The drill sergeant was mean to him

He had a major malfunction, numbnuts.

mcnamaras morons

lol i cant even imagine how pussified todays army must be. they probably dont even pick on the fat recruits anymore because of fat shaming and wahh wahh wahh FUCKING KIDS TODAY AND THEIR SAFE SPACES!!!! EVERYONE GETS A MEDAL SNOWFLAKE C-C-C-CUUUUUCK-kk-k-k--k-k- *error error*

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He was slow-minded and should have been separated. During Nam they were desperate for new blood so they kept him in even though he's not mentally cut out for the job. This story played out thousands of times during the war and it's why it's remembered as one of America's most chaotic wars, where troops were shooting heroin and blowing up their officers for making unpopular decisions. The second half shows the outcome when the first half keeps playing out.

He spent his formative years shitposting on imageboards and jerking off to chinese childrens cartoons.

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I can’t tell if this or Platoon is more depressing.

how did D'Onofrio go from this to this in just a year?

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that nigger and Kennedy never get enough blame for Vietnam solely because LBJ was such a turbodouche about the war. And Nixon never gets enough credit for actually trying to win it.

>but but but he bombed Cambodia!

He was trying to force the gooks to broker a peace deal in Paris. Always try to negotiate from a position of strength. But the gooks knew the democrats would capitulate on the budget of the war by 1973

fat incel

>He was slow-minded
Isn't that the most desired quality in any mutt soldier candidate?
I mean, why would even a semi-intelligent person ever go wage war on a nation of simple peasants trying to better their country halfway across the world?
Chances are he was too smart for the army.

Anyone else found the first half of the movie really enjoyable and the second half boring as fuck?

Doctor said he has schizophrenia

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easy there hippie, there aren't any teenage girls to impress in this thread

Yeah second half just seemed like every generic war movie. I guess animal mother was pretty cool should’ve focused more on him than that pussy modine faggot

>The second half shows the outcome when the first half keeps playing out.

That's not the point of the second half

What's the point of the second half?

I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly? He looks like quite an angry fellow

There's a difference between stupid people and mentally retarded people. And the army attracts all kinds of people; be it because they're stupid, desperate, no direction in life, egotistical maniacs, etc.

>>He was slow-mindedIsn't that the most desired quality in any mutt soldier candidate?
Being this retarded used to end with you being involuntarily committed to an asylum

They are careful about what MOS go to what guys. Furthermore, they recognize now that about a third of men are too dumb to be a soldier. If your IQ is under about 90 they don't even take you to basic anymore. 90 is not retarded. It's just not so smart. They don't use IQ tests but use the ASVAB, which is a proxy for your IQ percentile. So if you you don't get the minimum score of 34 that means your intelligence is likely under 34 percentile.
Back then, they were less discerning.

He didn't get the fuck off of his obstacle

>the army
It was the marines, you simpleton. And most join the military for college. Don't speak on things you know nothing about because you assume much while knowing little making your ignorance almoost palpable

It was a lot easier to just point a gun and shoot back then too, nowadays even grunts gotta know how to handle a fair share of electronics and make fairly intense decisions on the fly since nowadays we're mostly fighting assymetrical warfare against insurgents

What was the the message of the movie anyway? It portrayed the military as essentially an amoral clusterfuck but it also didn't really strike me as an anti-war film.

My mistake, I meant the navy

It's neither anti-war, nor pro-war. The goal was just to show that war is indeed a clusterfuck


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The original comment mentioned the army faggot. And how is saying the army attracts all kinds of people showing off my ignorance? I wasn't making a generalization about the military as a whole either.

Mickey Mouse is British slang meaning something like American "clusterfuck" or just "total incompetence". Like if I called a company a "Mickey mouse operation" it means the company is completely incompetent and nobody knows what they are doing.

Kubrick was a UK resident and filmed FMJ in London. Singing Mickey Mouse Club and the Mickey Mouse doll in the officer's office symbolises that nobody knows what the fuck they are doing.

>Holy Jesus, What is that? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

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oh boy, here comes the triggered Marine, don't you dare misbranch him

Sir, feed and seed, sir!

Lol this was morbidly obese in the 80s

not if you're planting jelly donuts