Let's discuss our all time favorite Gallo Kino: Buffalo 66 one more time. The ride never ends, bros

Let's discuss our all time favorite Gallo Kino: Buffalo 66 one more time. The ride never ends, bros

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Based and Buffalo '66 pilled.

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goat film tbqh, too bad Vince hates it and has kept his new kino to himself

Hi, Vince

I unironically watched it for the tits. I came out a better man.

incels favorite movie

Good film, but Yas Forums's favorite will always be Taxi Driver.

Is this the most accurate portrayal of a city ever? Like the movie feels like the actual city of Buffalo. Any other movie about LA, NYC, Paris etc could have been shot in Toronto or about flashy, silicon, fake portrayals of luxury in those cities. This movie feels and has the feeling of despair, hopelessness and potential that Buffalo has.

Actually after trying pussy and finding it lacking I'm a volcel. I've embraced this ideology.

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much worse. It's a normalfag movie disguised as an incel movie. why do you think every roastie loves it?

This director and his films are disgusting.

looks like shit

would you really know if this movie was shot in Toronto instead of Buffalo?

Go to bed, Australia

Actually it looks incredible.

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relentlessly handsome *

people in this board have shit taste for composition, the film looks so much better but they choose retarded stills based on the action

If you’ve been to Toronto and Buffalo you’d be able to point out the differences. Shots of main street in downtown Buffalo don’t look like shots of Yonge street in downtown Toronto

Why they ruined Prince Vince career bros? He has the potential as the next John Cassavetes

Gallofags are absolutely insufferable cunts. Die. All of you.

it's just one canuck retard

I'm pretty sure it's 2 or 3 people pushing Gallo constantly.

Why was she putting up with so much bullying and rejection from someone she had never met before, who actually kidnapped her?

Just dropping in to remind everyone that gallo is based.

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why did Joseph gallo clutching his shaft during "Blow Job" scene, is it because penis small and flaccid

Lol why do you hate based Vince?

>based Vince
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Why are you so upset user?

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I wouldn't mind so much if they *were* "Gallofags" instead of just asshats who think they're onto something by pretending to like the tedious prick.

kino of the highest order