Did we ever figure out who it was that let the dogs out?

Did we ever figure out who it was that let the dogs out?
It's been almost two decades, I and the families need closure.

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wasn't me

your mom

fun fact my gf left me for a guy just like the on in the center


Mr Burns

Miss Jackson did (I'm sorry)

many men, many many many many men.

Ask the proper board fucktard this is for television and film

hurrduriririrr what is a music video

It was spelled out pretty clearly in the film, the housekeeping staff at EuroReptarland was shit.

Jews, most likely.

>amusement park of that size
>entry is just one guy at a counter that opens onto the street

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It was a very poorly managed establishment.

maybe it was a side entrance for employees

isn't the song about slipping in the "wrong" hole during doggy style?

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no parking

If you look at the lyrics, it states in no uncertain terms that a dog is nothing without a bone. From this you can deduce the following: the dogs that escaped are not actually dogs, but nothing, as escaping dogs do not stop to pick up bones during their flight.

nah the video clip had dogs escaping in it tho

Reminder: this song is about women calling men out for behaving badly and disrespectfully.

No, really.

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No, this is the actual meaning

But did any of the dogs have bones?


inside them

and so do you


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look at the entrance at 0:12, then look at 0:25. The sign changes from "exit" to "merci et revenez", the posters are different, the wall now has large openings in it where before it was solid. Even the desk and gate are different. Also when it pans out the background shops are gone.



"Merci et revenez" means "Thank you, please come back". So pretty clearly not meant for employees. It's just inconsistent artwork.

Very poorly managed, very poorly designed and in constant flux, EuroReptarland was an establishment that was always destined to fail.

I lost my life savings investing in EuroReptarLand

So many songs in the late 90s and early 00s were about sex. I'm glad my parents didn't know english otherwise me singing them would become embarrassing.

I'm doc doc doctor Dick....

>dr dick was sexual
wtf no way