Is 1997 DiCaprio maledom at its peak?

Is 1997 DiCaprio maledom at its peak?

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Johnny Depp

I guess

That's more peak twink. Only women and gays would swoon over this.

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He's relentlessly handsome.

>can't even do his job well (acting)
Not really.

>Only women and gays would swoon over this
Agreed. A straight man would never find this attractive.

gayes thread on Yas Forums

Wow he looks like a white Timothy Charlamee

>Only women and gays would swoon over this.
>Only people attracted to men would be attracted to this man

budget Delon

boys, user. only people attracted to BOYS would be attracted to this """man"""

He's not half the actor Delon is, and Delon was actually masculine, even when he was young. Leo is the embodiment of "LOOK MA, I'M ACTING."

DiCrapio doesn't have a ratface

no you fucking faggot, effeminate men are not peakk of anything but faggotery. Arnold is peak of manhood. Fucking twink should stop posting about men. Men are strong, cum everyday and pump. feel the pump fag

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Why can't i pull this hair off without looking like an egg

T. coping hairy ugly fatty

twinkdom at its peak

he can't either anymore, Leo has carb face

Nah. That would be Alain Delon. He's the perfect combination of pretty boy and a chad.

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i think you meant to say teen girls

kek, lost.

Why did Leos head get so much wider as he aged like Joe Rogan's has?

Has Leo been on HGH this whole time?

Maybe for you Millennial.

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Dicaprio was 22 when Titanic was made. Imagine being 22, having a whole studio ,which is a billion dollar business , behind you and your looks and talents at the age of 22. At the age of 22 I was in college, playing video games while this guy was a global icon.

>only women and gays would swoon over this

as opposed to...?

Yeah. That's more accurate.

this is what real men swoon over

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>Twink Peaks

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Women are too retarded. They don't know anything about male aesthetics. They think Tom Hiddleston is attractive.

>Is 1997 DiCaprio maledom at its peak?

Gets btfo by early 80's harrison ford.

i mean... look at this nigga

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For me, it would be James Brolin in the original Amityville Horror were it not for his Farrah Fawcett hair.

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If we are talking about peak, we are talking about prime chico.
Is there literally any male model better looking than Francisco Lachowski?
And I'm not talking about 2007 Chico with autistic photos on his Facebook, I'm not talking about 2008 Francisco who won the Ford Men's Supermodel of the World in São Paulo and then won a Ford modelling contract and worked for Dior Homme, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared, Gucci, Cavalli, Armani and others, I'm not talking about 2016 post-prime bearded Chico with two kids and married with Jessiann Gravel Beland, hell, I'm talking about 2010 Francisco with perfect facial harmony and universal appeal, 6'5" tall with perfect frame and bideltoid breadth, completely hooded eyes with aegyo sal and neutral canthal tilt with no scleral show and no upper eyelid exposure, flawless skin and perfect facial leanness, 1.88 fwhr, 0 on the NW scale, 7 cm interpupillary distance and 14.2cm of zygo width, forward grown maxilla and jawline with a massive skull.Francisco Lachowski comes very close to perfection. There are virtually no flaws in his facial appearance, the only flaws can be drawn when we go below the neck.. which is irrelevant when you consider his facial aesthetics.He has perfect maxillofacial growth which becomes evident from the zygomatic arches that project wide (adds facial width) and are round in shape in the tipping points. The nose is perfect: straight nasal septum indicates the face hasn't grown vertically more than it should at any point in developmental time so it doesn't appear hooked, it is also devoid of any obscure mal/formations, crookedness or deviation (some of which are typically caused by allergies or force trauma).He has near perfect dentofacial growth and his bite is perfect.
The very definition of "unmoggable".
cringe, all get mogged by chico

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Look, I don't want to be rude, but we were discussing what women find attractive, not what gay men find attractive. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this is an example of the latter.
Now shut the fuck up you absolute loser

omg don't cry about it, jesus, i said there's nothing wrong with it, Nancy.

Based. That's a man's man.

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