This film has a trained woman beating up untrained men, therefore it's unrealistic

>this film has a trained woman beating up untrained men, therefore it's unrealistic

Why do certain members of 4channel say this shit?

So irl this is the usual result, yet when it happens in capeshit it's "unrealistic"?. Genuinely ridiculous.

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Because wahmen

You realize the guy was just halfassing right? You think it would make him popular with that room of people to go full and blow her the fuck up?

my daughter had a karate class long ago where one of the mothers, thinking her black belt meant shit, talked about how she could kick my ass, even though I am a trained soldier with 24 years under my belt. And I am no pencil pusher, Rangers lead the way.

I tossed that Mom around like a beanbag, every kick and punch was blocked or avoided and when she started trash-talking I simply moved forward, grappled, and with a single leg takedown of her stupid front kick, knocked her breath out.

A trained woman, even highly trained and skilled, is fucking dogmeat against actual combat trained and experienced men. Against some couch potato soft balled faggot like 90% of this board? Maybe, but only because so many have no real experience with chin checking and are badly out of condition.

you think a white man is going to take a friendly spar seriously while he's on camera with a bunch of white knights around to gang up on him if he wins?

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The only time ive legit seen a woman btfo a man is a large heavyset black woman fighting a short skinny black man in the hood. You can tell the skinny guy was prolly a drunk crackhead, and the woman had lots of matches under her belt getting beat on by her siblings and fighting a lot. Ive seen at least three videos like that, a big ass black woman btfo a skinny guy.

The state of polcels. No one is going to react like that if you win by holding mount (sitting on their chest) or even gently applied chokes.

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lmao c'mon now

Ok simp

He couldve slapped her once and she wouldve crumbled to the floor.

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lol the usual result huh? lemme just go to liveleak and type in woman knock out real fast

Pretty hot desu

it's literally impossible to have a fair fight with a woman with white knight faggots around, you faggot

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Nice reddit link fuckboy.

the full trifecta, fuck off

>videos that legit make you seethe

>trained woman
she trained for some centuries and managed to have no muscle
this is hollywood

Only third worlders get into fights.

>yet when it happens in capeshit it's "unrealistic"?
Who the fuck wants realism in their capeshit? And no Batman isn't the best hero because he's "realistic" either. I don't care how much jujitsu training you have, you go out and fight 50 dudes a night you're gonna fucking die.

This reminds me of a night out I had a few years back. This slightly drunk woman gets into an argument with one of my buds, starts talking shit, saying how she’s a semi pro boxer, could fuck us all up blah blah blah

Know what I did? I kicked her fucking teeth in.

Yeah OK user

Fair enough. Women are deluded into thinking they're on-par with men.

You beat some frumpy housewife who paid for her belt at a McDojo. Bravo.

The reality is that a 'trained' women who is top percentile in strength for her gender would get her ass handed to her by any average male slob.

yeah that's about 99% of all those "tough chicks" losers like you like to point to when you want to prove that women aren't weak little children

>linking to that place

kill yourself

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you can clearly see that the guy isn't trying seriously.
ever heard of this term called retard strength? well it's a thing where the other part doesn't have any empathy against the other one but just wants to destroy and kill.
certain animals behave the same way, like chimpanzees. if that guy was angry and actually trying the woman would've been killed probably due to some accidental injury, so the guy chose not to go overboard and restrain himself.

also what comes to the fight i don't know, in a friendly wrestling match however you don't choke the opponent never, as that is dangerous. woman clearly didn't get the memo and went full psycho like mentioned above.
you're only allowed to choke in MMA fights, wrestlers never choke.

Femanon here:
3-5 seconds. That's all it takes. Your patella will be broken/dislodged and your trachea crushed. You can't run and you can't breathe. And you wouldn't even see it coming. Who's dreaming now? Take a Krav class and get back to me. There's a reason IDF uses it.

i could beat that kike easily, probably one punch would be more than enough for her to pass out.

reality check for you, dumb simp

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Life's not an anime.

If someone's about to punch your lights out, your technique/dexterity shit won't do, especially if they have several kilos over you.

How many people did you knock out in that scenario? I guess 0, if all you ever fought against is 45 kilo girls and simps.

Also, tits or gtfo