Say something genuinely nice about it

Say something genuinely nice about it.

>Hard mode: no "it killed star wars"

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it gave us the mandalorian

It finally exposed Mike Stoklasa as the pleb he is.

I haven't seen it.

Like anyone hadn't realised that by now.

I legit am drawing a blank here.
I guess it's cool to see Lando one last time?

it was unironically the best of the sequel trilogy

It was not TLJ

Reinforces the idea the whites should be with whites and blacks should be with blacks

Ben Solo smiling in the end after redemption felt heartwarming, off course they fuck it up in the end by not showing his force ghost beside his uncle and mum.

the ghost voices were good but it should've been a full force ghosts not some voices

It shat all over TLJ.

It proved that women and jews ruin everything

It would have been weird to see him between Luke and Leia. There's already the uncomfortable kisses between them, it makes sense to avoid any parental imagery. A shame because I would have liked to see it, but I get why they excluded him

I unironically liked the sequel trilogy. My only real complaints is the modern movie-making formula forcing it to be very fast paced and not enough focus on Finn's force sensitivity.

Ian was fun as Palpatine. They tried to have more interactions between the three mains than ever before. Lightsaber went wrrrrr. Still is a mess and Kennedy should have been shit canned years ago since even after years in the industry underneath some of the biggest names she's still woefully incompetent.

It's significantly more watchable than TLJ

It made more people aware of how good Last Jedi was in comparison.

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This. TLJ is very watchable in comparison.

I like it the most of the sequel trilogy.

Ben Solo’s redemption and him killing the Knights of Ren

Go to bed, Mike Stoklasa

The only good scene in the entire sequel trilogy

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>Who are you?
>Rey who?
>Rey D. Shadow Legends.
It finally exposed Disney for shills they are.

It's only hate watchable

Most all of the individual elements are very compelling if only more than five minutes was spent on any of them. Take the seven hour director's cut and split it up into a miniseries on Disney+ or something and it would be a great watch.

Fourth or even third best movie in the trilogies. Mary Sue Rey was awesome.


go back

Somehow Palpatine returned

Han coming out of nowhere was an unironically sad scene, still the worst trilogy made though


I wish they didn't show them talking, the scene would've been much better if it just ended with Kylo watching at Han.

Real question is why would ghosts, let alone voices somehow empowers you?

I enjoyed the Han Solo scene. I liked Chewbacca's reaction to Leia's death. Aside from the terrible meme line, the "they fly now" chase was a fun set piece. Thats three whole nice things.

It was a good concept but was completely unearned and feels like patting themselves on the back

something genuinely nice about it