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The Doctor, The Original You Might Say Edition

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Previous You let it die

2nd for Dalek Lord

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Does the Doctor poop?


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Who is the biggest cuck out of the Revival Doctors?

The least is obviously 9. As for most, I'd have to give it to 11 or 12 because of them being the Doctors with the proper relationship with River.

>proper relationship
it was never anything more than River being a weirdo stalker, but the doctor got so used to it by Husbands and had no one else so just said why the hell not

On further thought, I think it has to be 12. River thought 11 was the last one. In addition to that, Clara cucked him with Danny Pink and probably with Me, to be honest here.

Still, the Doctor was technically married to River.

the teselecta married her in an alternate timeline

>he doesn't know the Doctor is responsible for Danny's "accident" so he can have Clara all to himself once again
try and keep up

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listening to this atm and making my way through mcgann

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lol, podcasts

> my work here is done

John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd were relentlessly handsome.

He was in control of the Tesselecta the whole time. Plus, he says that he's married even when River isn't there.

he's also married queen elizabeth and marilyn monroe at one point

>and probably with Me
I never got why anyone thought this, even in a joking way.

coomers were a mistake

Is it fine if I haven't listened to anything Big Finish aside from a 5th Doctor story years ago for the Chimes of Midnight rewatch? Or will I not get it if I haven't listened to any 8th Doctor stuff?

you should probably listen to Storm Warning, other than that you're good

true, but the entire point of Husbands of River Song was realizing that their "marriage" was smoke and mirrors, a temporal sham, and the Doctor and River were, in a way, forced into it because their futures clearly showed it happening despite either of them being really interested in that. It's this episode where they reach their understanding that they can make the most of their time despite this.

Personally, I never got the impression he gave two shits about her the same way he cared about the Ponds or Clara.

Like River or hate River, it's pretty clear you pulled that description out of your ass.

Thanks, I have it on now.

That one is really comfy

No, I just looked at their dynamic throughout the show, not within a single episode that marks the first time she stops being a cunt to the Doctor.

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I like this episode but it is redundant. River already got several 'goodbye' episodes, this is like watching an ex try to re-enact her break up for the fourth time just for the fun of it.

River story would of been better if it was never visited after tennant

Based Tableleg Tennant Poster.

have another

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>It took Moffat over four seasons to finally stop making River unlikeable
i'm still mad at him


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