How does one film manage to have so much soul?

How does one film manage to have so much soul?

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I prefer orgazmo

this movie aged badly its basically unwatchable

I prefer Cannibal! The Musical

At least the cover is upfront about telling you it's a shit movie. Never going to watch this turd.

>more fudge, Packer?

Coke and Trey

You do not believe we are Indians? We have... tepees...

you're missing out on absolute 90s kino


Zoomers will never understand *sips*

I thought it was pretty awful tbqh

t. "serious film-goers"

Never a big fan of Trey & Matt's humour. I enjoyed Team America and the behind the scenes was cool too. But their humour was always kinda shit to me.

Three sets of doubles can't be wrong.

I used to like the first several seasons of South Park, but the humor in Baseketball felt pretty clumsy. Maybe it's a matter of delivery. I'm not a comedy expert.

Well you're in luck, because it's not their humor. It's Zucker bros humor, along the same lines as Naked Gun and Airplane, just with more dick jokes

It was just capitalizing on their recent South Park success. A star vehicle they didn't write or direct.
Orgazmo and Cannibal were soul in bucketloads.

I love how much it feels like a student film, I wish we could get a blu ray collection with Cannibal, Orgazmo and Baseketball.

That does make it sound better, yes.

More like BASEDketball

What the hell where they thinking here?

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I thought it was a student film.

The trapper song scene where they get in an argument over music theory was brilliantly written, wish they could go back to that quality

They were on acid at the time. Literally they were tripping.

How so fucktard

How the hell did they not have a meltdown? Is acid really this mellow?

>Matthew Richard Stone (born May 26, 1971) is an American actor, animator, writer, producer, and composer. He is of Irish-American heritage from his father's side and Jewish heritage from his mother's side

Shut the fuck up child

>Award shows are fucking gay

I don't think they did it.

It can be but Trey was getting really paranoid incase they actually won and had to give a speech