I treat cash the way the government treats AIDS, I won’t be satisfied till all my niggers get it

What did he mean by this?

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Love Kanye.
1. Yeezus
3. Life of Pablo
His first albums are classical rap which is don't really like.

Which faggot are you quoting, faggot?

no ye?

Denial. Probably of those "downlow" types.

A rising tide lifts all ships

absolutely, the early stuff is solid but only later did he really come into his own

Ye was ok, didnt help that he produced the AOTY that was released a week or two before and the other album he did that was released at the time was also better

He's implying goverment made niggers fuck eachother in the ass on the dl.

>His first albums are classical rap which is don't really like.

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Rapper: da ypipo and gubmint always tryna put us down and shiet!
White people:

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Yes. I like that one too.
What's funny

Graduation is the best one

Although it has his best song, no.

Ye was shit. So was his last album. Only Kanye dick riders like that shit
Pablo and Yeezus were okay. MBDTF is top 5 of the last decade

Kanye's best song is definitely not stronger

this is the most zoomer shit i've ever read

Even thinking someone else thought that might be his best song proves you're a pleb of the highest order.

His best song ever


He said niggas, not niggers.

I Wonder? Big Brother? Good Morning?

I don't like rap very much

You dumb cunts it's obviously "Everything I am"

That he's a talentless retard just like every other rap ''musician''?

Literally the same thing

bound 2 is his best song, end of discussion

Guess how I know that you’re an insufferable faggot

His best song and video is All of the Lights.

Its obviously can't tell me nothing

>but only later did he really come into his own
Yeah, when he started bringing in 50 co-producers. Kanye is an unimaginative hack who produced the same formulaic beats for almost a decade.

Yeah you’re right that’s probably why he has 20+ Grammy wins and worldwide renown

808s is criminally underrated

It's better than his last two albums, but that doesn't mean it's good