This was actually really good

This was actually really good

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The Iliad of our times.

Checked, first post best post.

Welcome to 2005

Mark Hamill was relentlessly handsome. Hayden Christensen is relentlessly handsome.

dubs confirm


rage kino

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His fall to the darkside is still stupid and does not make sense with Ben's description of it in IV.

Any way, how do people rate this with the Disney Wars films? I can't decide whether it should be compared to Rogue One or Last Jedi.

I wish it were still the mid 00s ;-;
God everything is just gone. All my friends. My old house and neighborhood. Everything.

I'm sorry man. Nothing in life is constant. Enjoy your time and make the most of your opportunities and you will look back at early 2020s with love too

He did it all for his waifu and Ben was lying. Compare it to Rogue One.

I came to this realization last year and I'm definitely trying. It's just hard since it feels like everything has gotten so much worse and I just didn't care as a kid about anything and didn't have anxieties and just lived in the moment. Now I'm desperately trying to make up for years wasted. I'm glad I've turned so much in my life around but not a day goes by with me not fully knowing I threw my late teens up until 23 away to sit in my room.
God I wish I had someone to talk to like a therapist but it's so expensive. I don't know. I still can't even cope with knowing my childhood and adolescence are totally gone and slipping further away with each year.

Let's not get carried away now.

The Grievous parts were really bad. And that’s like 2/3 of the movie
Apperntly you were supposed to have watched an entire children’s cartoon with bad animation to understand it?
Gets appointed to the Jedi council for the sole reason to spy on them by emperor badass, not by the Jedi , yet whines it doesn’t make him a master.
>whines whines whine s make me a master!
The count my dookie parts were okay, not bad, not great. And the ending/pay off was not well executed. It just didn’t make sense. Chokes Padmybra then bows to the guy that caused everything?
And finally

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Buthurt boomer

I find RotS pretty fucking bored. The prequels are weird and fanservicey in general, but RotS feels particularly obsessed with checking things off a list and ending the story. Everything about Anakin feels rushed and goofy as result.

A common complaint I hear is about how Anakin too quickly shifts from trying to get Sheev arrested to slaughtering children in service of the guy, but I actually think this makes more sense than people realize, when you submit to doing something immoral you sort of put aside critical thinking and judgement, especially of consequences, in that emotional impulsive state you are more liable to do something more extreme, its only later that once you've regained composure that you might think to stop getting yourself in deeper by continuing to do what you were doing, but once you have done something so greatly evil and you've crossed the line completely you almost feel compelled to continue because there is no turning back after crossing that line.

the soundtrack is great too

With the same suspension of disbelief needed to find this not terrible in effect, Attack of the Clones is so much more kino.


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keep telling yourself that zoomy

>Anakin's Dark Deeds

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Only pedos and children like the prequels

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It looks cool but George completely fucked up the conjunction where it ties into the OT. The twists are ridiculous

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how does lucas spunk taste, faggot?

Boring as hell. At least you can laugh at how absurdly awful Phantom is in comparison to the OT

You tell me, homo

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