I love you

I love you.

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Love you too


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I love you both.

fuck you

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Fuck you bitch. Give me back my money or I'll drop you fool.

But user, I am black. This is forbidden.

Ahem. *ting* *ting* I have an announcement to make. I love transgender and non-binary people, African Americans, and the moderators of the Television & Film board on 4channel.org.

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Cna I have a blowjob please?

thanks boo




sorry pops

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You guys are my best friends, thank you for everything. I'm saving a seat for all of you at my wedding.


i love you all

I had sex with a man once for money.

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Interested in making some more?

how much did you make and what positions?

At least you got somethin out of it

don't worry, we love you, buddy

My last relationship ended because of my inability to love her.

i had sex with a man once for free

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Are you a robot?

I had gay diaper sex with men
I once smoked crack
I've injected myself with research chemicals
I've been driving without car insurance for 2 years
I licked another guys butthole

A man once offered me money to suck my dick.

extremely based


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don't do it user!!!!!!

Now is not the time.

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Same to you, fag.

>that one "I love you" poster his "Fuck you" counterpart

If you're good at something never do it for free