Videogame manages to be more emotionally moving and better acted than any capeshit of the past decade

>videogame manages to be more emotionally moving and better acted than any capeshit of the past decade
How the fuck did this happen and why was this so good?

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I don't play new gen games but the answer is sheer probability.
Every shithead that fails at film try it in the game industry.
EVENTUALLY one must be good, but at what cost?
The hobby is ruined by feminists, failed movimakers, and indie hypsters.

im just worried theyre gonna pull some abit and switch shit in the sequel. killing peter and replacing him with miles or something like that

That's some TLOU2 shit, but I don't think Marvel is that overly edgy.

Who cares nigger

This, the writers at Insomniac seem to actually have respect for their franchises.
You can tell a lot of love went into the dialogue and character design in this game.

Black cat best girl

Fuck mj

The game ends with Peter training miles

Hopefully this does not happen but looking at what's trending in media..
One possible scenario is co-op or that half of the game is playing as Peter and the other half as Miles

lol an MGS 2-4

I don't know, why don't you go ask your faggot friends on Yas Forums?

suit and spider symbol look gay

This woman
So the question is not which kind of people, but whether thereĀ“s sufficiently diverse thoughts to even out the gunk that EVERYONE makes at some point, and no one is undermined for some ideological purpose

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that's not even the main suit, but there are plenty to choose from

Thankfully they have dozens of other suits to pick from, I like using pic related at night on street thugs and prisoners.

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This game really had no business being as good as it is, like nothing about it should lead to a great game

Answer is jews. Nepotism in hollywood drives talent away and current hollywood is bloated and filled with people who got their jobs through who they know rather that their hard work which is why we've been seeing a sharper decline in quality throughout hollywood as the industry becomes more and more jewish.

The Raimi suit looks so fucking incredible I'm this game.

Just a friendly reminder that Peter canonically nutted in Black Cat's pussy.

Is she older than him?

>the only movies coming out are Marvel movies
You can't compare a particularly good video game to the lowest common denominator of movies. People who have this opinion and OP's invariably can't even name a single movie that's out in theaters besides the latest Spiderman and are ignorant to the dozens of independent/non-Disney movies coming out

She seems like the most annoying person who ever existed

Capeshit is good when it sticks to comic books instead of trying to tell some deep meaningful story, who would have guessed?

OP is comparing it to capeshit like Marvel and not movies in general user.

I think their around the same age

The beginning of Son's of Liberty was so good, I was hype

Didn't care for the story desu, I just wanted to swing around and get new suits

that's boring

Sony hates co-op so it will be 70% Peter and 30% Miles for stealth missions, then they team up for the final boss.

It was still a good game, I just wanted to play as snake in his prime tho

Can you select this suit from the get-go?

>more stealth missions
God I hope not. Those were the worst part of the game

Only if you purchase the Turf War DLC, now available for $19.99!

I got this game on a whim during quarantine and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how the story played out.
MJ looked a bit derpy though.

You can get the whole game discounted for 9.99 including the DLC stuff

At least I did last week.

It predicted Covid 19

Why not? Comparing capeshit in games to capeshit in movies is valid.

Got this suit early on and never looked back.

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>playing Spider-Man on PS4
>end up finding the building from the finale of MGS2
>get into a huge fight on the rooftop
It was pretty kino seeing it again