Is this the greatest super hero movie of all time?

Is this the greatest super hero movie of all time?

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No. Jumper is

that's the shittiest


Came here to post this

Based. I liked Jumper. Shame we never got a sequel.

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Ummm no the black guy cucks the white guy this movie

okay now tell me why Jumper was so good.

Based as fuck

>being this new

It's the best superpower. They explored some of it in the movie, and did so quite well. And they'd only scratched the surface, there was a lot more potential there.

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Low test

>superhero movie
>when they showed people caught in disasters on tv and yet the MC did nothing but eat breakfast in his luxury apartment

>It's the best superpower
First of all no it isn't, second of all, what does that have to do with the movie being good?

yikes that really was charlize, wasn't it

Yea it’s fucking great.

Weird how short it is though, it ends like 45 minutes in right after he saves the day at the bank and he’s gone through his redemption arc. It’s nice that they saw there was nowhere else to go with that story and ended it while it was good.

I'm going to say Blank Man or Meteor Man

Because I like superpowers, so if the superpower is good, it's only natural that I'm gonna like the movie. And this was the best superpower I had ever seen. Bar none. When he saved the girl at the ending, it became my new favorite super hero movie.

Yeah bros read the book and the sequel Reflex. That shit was.... Anti-shit

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I heard shit about so I watched it and found it fun.

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>18 Apologize threads incoming

Me and my dad watched that in theaters when I was a kid
It was great




Jumper has a cool power sure, maybe one of the coolest
But molecule man has the best super power

what did you say

No, Highlander is.


oh ok.

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how did he do this?

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Shit script

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ah, a man of culture

didn't some kind of staff change cause this to go from cult classic to shit halfway through?

They didn't even cg that shit, lol. He's just stick his head between another man's legs. Let's all just pretend it's in his ass and look freaked out. Action.