This man turned 66 earlier this man

This man turned 66 earlier this man.

Who the hell replaces him when he retires or dies? Jet Li and Donnie Yen are both turning 60. A lot of the old guard has already retired.

Who are up and comers who are going to replace them? Are there even any? Are martial artists, some who do all their own stunts, just going to end?

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>As of November 2019, China's population stood at 1.435 billion,

One of them is bound to be good at the Kung Fu and stumble into movies. Don't lose hope.

>earlier this man.

Doing stunts the way Jackie did isn't feasible anymore and the theater school he went to is probably dead

martial "arts" are reddit

don't know, don't care, martial arts movies are really fucking boring

Jackies from Hong Kong tho

based. Jackie is one of the most overrated """actors""" of all time, right there with Bruce Lee

>Replacing the greatest actor of all time
Not possible

Damn they are getting old. That sucks

Like he said, China

Jackie Chan is the GOAT, there will never be another like him
Wuxia is based and a pleb filter, gtfo

Why did Stephen Chow stop making shit

Jackie's action comedies were kino, there will be no one like him.


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This I like lamenting that Clint Eastwood is ancient and wondering who will do cowboy movies now. The time has passed. Martial arts is a minor genre now.

He's pretty based. He basically lives a live of voluntary poverty now like a cynic.

>This man turned 66 earlier this man.

They look 50, but Jackie is heading to 70 and the others are heading to 60.

Replacing him? Replacing what? The asian action star has been dead for over 20 years, the novelty has worn off. When's the last time you saw a Jackie Chan or a Bruce Lee or a Jet Li in a big budget American movie? Why make such a movie when you can just make a big noisy CGI clusterfuck?

Wtf I thought Yas Forums said Asians age well.

I love big cgi action films. Literally watched all transformer and enjoyed them.

They do, but Jet Li jas a medical condition that made him very sick.

I reckon the last time anybody saw Bruce Lee was in 1973, when he died, you fucking moron.

The New King of Comedy came out last year. He has The Monkey King in development, too. Chow is 57, he's not some young up and comer.

I'm gonna assume english is your second language, so when someone says "a Bruce Lee" or "a Jason Statham" or any famous name with an "a" before it, that means I'm talking about a type of person, not literally a specific celebrity. When I say "a Bruce Lee" I mean someone who is similar to Bruce Lee. I hope this helped with your english studies user.


Retard. Israel is an asian country. Go back to school.

Closest thing out there are the Raid guys, but they seem to be moving towards more of the thriller dramas and bit parts in other people's movies.

Jason Statham


>Who the hell replaces him when he retires or dies?

Some self hating asian american who wants to act like nigger because martial arts is a racist stereotype for asians and need to be avoided